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There are so many TV couples from The Office that are now considered classic TV couples. There was Michael and Holly, Dwight and Angela, and the most classic TV couple of all, Jim and Pam. Everyone loves the couples on The Office, and you’ve probably identified with a few of them, whether your relationship falls more in the Jim and Pam or Kelly and Ryan realms. Some were crazy, some were cute, but these TV couples from The Office will always be classics.

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Dwight and Angela

Dwight and Angela Dwight and Angela were never actually a public, legitimate couple until the last few episodes of the series, yet they’re still one of the most classic TV couples from The Office. Everyone was hoping they’d end up together, and everyone teared up at their wedding.


Michael and Jan

Michael and Jan Michael and Jan were so absolutely ridiculous that sometimes you just had to love them more than Michael and Holly, the actual woman he ends up with. Something insane was always happening with them, making them one of the most hilarious couples of the entire series. If you don’t laugh blindly throughout their scenes in the ridiculous Dinner Party episode, you’re probably a robot.


Michael and Holly

Michael and Holly After the ridiculousness that was Michael and Jan, Michael and Holly were a breath of fresh air. Finally, Michael found someone who complemented him perfectly. It was like Ted meeting The Mother, except less death. Is it still too soon? I’m sorry. Michael and Holly were ridiculous, but in a good way, and could not have been more perfect for each other.


Pete and Erin

Pete and Erin Pete and Erin A lot of people focus on Andy and Erin’s relationship, but I personally think Pete and Erin’s relationship was so much better. If you stopped watching The Office in Season 9, Pete is one of the “new guys.” He and Erin became a couple after Andy went on a boat trip to the Bahamas. Erin’s relationship with Pete is easily her best on the show, and he’s not nearly as annoying as Andy.


Andy and Angela

Andy and Angela While we’re on the topic of Andy being annoying, it’s probably a good time to touch on his relationship with Angela. He was just as annoying with Angela, yet somehow we couldn’t help but feel bad for him throughout their entire relationship. Like Angela tells Erin after she finds out about their relationship, “It’s the kind of thing you wish you could have annulled! I want to throw up just thinking about it!” I’m glad we’re on the same page, Angela.


Kelly and Ryan

Kelly and Ryan Kelly and Ryan became a classic TV couple for a number of reasons. Not only were they amazingly ridiculous on-screen, but also Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak were just as impassioned off-screen. We have The Office to thank for Mindy and B.J.’s relationship that no one can exactly identify. Am I the only person who might lose it if they call each other soup snakes one more time?


Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam I’m sure you’ll agree with me that I saved the best for last. It would take years to elaborate just how perfect Pam and Jim were, so I’ll try to keep it short. From their first kiss to the finale, Pam and Jim were always causing pain in the hearts of many fans. Somehow everything they did was more perfect than the last, even when they hit a rough patch in the last season.

What’s your favorite couple from The Office? Mine, like everyone else’s, is Jim and Pam. How can you not love Jim and Pam? Let me know yours in the comments!

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ahhhhh Jim and pam😍😍😍

Where's my Jim...? I want one.

I LOVE this show so much I miss this show soooooo much!!!

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