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21 Halloween Movies That Won't Give You Sleepless Nights ...

By Neecey

Do you hide behind the cushion when the scary music starts? Does your heart race when the heroine inches her way in the dark escaping her would-be attacker? Are your boyfriend’s knees bruised from you gripping them so hard? If so, the fright fest of Halloween movies probably isn’t something you enjoy. But there are some fun Halloween movies where the fright factor has been dialed down so even scaredy cats don’t have to jump behind the sofa.

1 Hocus Pocus

The king of all non-scary Halloween movies, three witches go on the hunt for eternal youth only to come up against some pesky trick or treaters.

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2 The Nightmare before Christmas

Disney’s classic Tim Burton film that has a dual seasonal appeal for both Christmas lovers and Halloween lovers!

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3 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Not one for the kids, but definitely a film with creepy vibes that counts as a Halloween movie for wimps!

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4 Teen Witch

A camp 80s classic about a teenage witch making her way through high school life with the bonus of magical powers!

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5 The Addams Family

The famous creepy family is given a modern makeover, and Anjelica Huston is absolutely the most perfect Morticia ever!

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6 The Addams Family Values

Of course, if you’re watching The Addams Family, you have to make a night of it and watch the sequel which I personally think is ever better!

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7 Edward Scissorhands

Another creepy adventure from Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands is an absolute classic that isn’t too scary but full of creepy characters and an unforgettable story.

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8 Ghostbusters

Instead of spending the evening hiding from ghosts, why not join in with Bill Murray and co. and chase them down!

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9 Beetlejuice

Yet another Tim Burton film! Beetlejuice certainly does have a few jumpy moments but it’s mostly just a creepy comedy with some crazy visuals.

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10 Frankenweenie

A seemingly sweet tale of a boy and his loyal dog, given the creepy Halloween style treatment by, yep, you guessed it, Tim Burton!

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11 The Witches

Anjelica Huston is at it again as the main villain in this classic creepy tale by Roald Dahl. Scary, but in the fun kind of way!

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12 Shaun of the Dead

A film about a zombie invasion has never been so funny! A couple of gross moments but nothing super scary. You will laugh from start to finish!

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13 Casper

The self-titled ‘friendly ghost’ is the perfect remedy for somebody looking for a Halloween type film that does not want to be having nightmares later on!

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14 Little Shop of Horrors

What more could you want on Halloween night that a brilliant musical about a talking plant that likes to eat humans?

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15 Practical Magic

Practical Magic is an awesome choice for anybody looking for a romantic comedy that still has enough supernatural elements to be great for Halloween.

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16 Coraline

A wonderful animation about a young girl who goes on a life changing adventure in her own home!

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17 ParaNorman

A really cool animation about a young boy who can talk to ghosts.

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18 Corpse Bride

Tim Burton, once again, brings a wonderfully creepy tale of a man who accidently marries a dead woman!

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19 Twilight

Twilight is the perfect movie to watch on Halloween if you want your vampires to be creepy but absolutely gorgeous at the same time!

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20 Return to Oz

An 80’s sequel to the Wizard of Oz that puts a much more sinister and creepy twist on the story.

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21 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sadly, this is a pale imitation of the awesome series that followed but it introduces us to the schoolgirl vampire slayer. It has all the right ingredients for a Halloween movie presented with an emphasis on fun not fright. Personally, I’d stick on “Once More With Feeling“ - the Buffy musical - but that’s just me.

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What’s your favorite scary movie? Something mild or a real scream fest?

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