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9 Tim Burton Movies to Get You in the Halloween Spirit ...

By Amber

Tim Burton is an amazing director and Tim Burton movies often have a whimsical, creepy yet playful tone to them. Some of his movies happen to be in my list of favorites that I revisit from time to time. And, most of his movies tend to be similar in theme too! They have an air of weirdness that is perfect for Halloween time! Here a few of my choices of my favorite Tim Burton movies that’ll really get you in the Halloween spirit.

1 The Nightmare before Christmas

Although the title has Christmas in it, it is centered in Halloweentown, a town where goblins, ghouls, ghosts and monsters scare people year round. When Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, discovers the idea of Christmas, he gets consumed with the idea, and cooks up a plan to make it happen. It’s a really cool movie because it has such a unique and quirky concept. The animation is amazing, and anybody who is into rock (like me) often sports some form of clothing or has an object attributed to this gem. It’s such a great part of my childhood and part of the list of Tim Burton movies I go through to get me in the Halloween spirit!

2 Alice in Wonderland

This take on Alice in Wonderland is simply magnificent. They have an awesome cast, which includes Johnny Depp, whom Burton has worked with on many of his movies. The movie inspires so many kooky Halloween costumes that’ll definitely give you a standout look. Alice in Wonderland follows now grown up Alice back through the rabbit hole to Underland, where she has to fulfill her destiny to destroy the red queen. It’s a fun ride through the whole movie and a good way to kick off the Halloween season. And who could forget the amazingly offbeat and funny Futterwacken dance? Break that out at a party and you’ll be a star!

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3 Edward Scissorhands

This is another Tim Burton movie from my childhood that is perfect for the Halloween season. A man created, yet unfinished by a scientist, has scissors for hands, who is played by Johnny Depp. He lived in a castle on a hill alone, until Peg, a lady from the neighborhood, takes him in. There, he falls for a girl and tries to be normal, but things often go otherwise. Again, Burton, wins over the audience with a touching story and unique, but bizarre concept. It’s a stellar movie though, and it’ll definitely give you costume inspiration!

4 Corpse Bride

This is another movie featuring the amazing Johnny Depp. I realize this list is quickly becoming a “Best Johnny Depp Movies List”! Anyway, Corpse Bride is an animated movie about a man named Victor, who is set to marry Elizabeth. He sets out into the woods to practice his vows, when the Corpse Bride mistakenly thinks he was marrying her and she rises from the grave. Victor is now faced with two brides at one time and more craziness ensues throughout the movie! It’s a great film for the whole family to watch on a nice, cool, calm night!

5 Batman Series

If you're into superheroes, then this movie will definitely intrigue you. It's about my favorite night vigilante, Batman, who protects the city of Gotham from destruction by the criminally insane villains. Burton's take on the comic is quirky, campy and a lot of fun. It has lighter tone than the more recent Nolan directed Batman series, but it's just as entertaining. Take a cue from the superheroes and villains and dress up in costume this Halloween season!

6 Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows is one of those movies you don’t expect to like, but end up loving at the end! It has a great cast, including Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter and Chloe Grace Moretz. It’s about a vampire named Barnabas Collins who returns to the city of Collinsport after years of being in his tomb to find that his descendants and his once flourishing estate are now in ruins in a changing city in 1972. It’s a fun flick, and it has a few surprises in there you wouldn’t expect! Check this one out!

7 Frankenweenie

Much like the classic tale of Frankenstein, Burton makes this one equal parts about love and terror. The main character, Victor, had a dog, who was his best friend and often starred in his homemade horror movies. However, the dog gets hit by a car, and Victor conducts a science experiment to bring him back to life. Though the experiment works, you could only imagine the kind of havoc it wreaks on the town. And, Victor has the lovely job of convincing the town otherwise. It’s a funny, though classic, take on a fresh view of the monster. It’s a good one to watch with the whole family!

8 BeetleJuice

Oh, Beetlejuice. Who could ever forget such a zany film? We even saw a Beetlejuice style suit from Robin Thicke this past VMA awards. Anyway, Beetlejuice is an awesome movie. Beetlejuice is about a lovely couple who live in a lovely home that they’ve decorated themselves. Though, the funny part is, the couple is dead, and they are actually ghosts. A money hungry family move into the ghosts’ home, and the ghosts call upon Beetlejuice to get them to leave. From there, a lot of ridiculously hilarious and outrageous things happen. It’s a great film to watch during Halloween, or any other time for that matter!

9 James and the Giant Peach

If you were in a kid in the '90s like me, then you must have seen this film! It’s a throwback to my childhood that always makes me smile. And, you could share that feeling with your siblings or children if you have them, too! James and the Giant Peach follow the story of James, a young boy who lives with his terrible aunts after his parents are killed by a rhinoceros. He discovers a magically boiled crocodile tongue, which ignites the growing of an enormous peach in the garden. James eventually ventures inside and finds that it is filled with human like bugs who become his friends and attempt to help him get to New York. It’s nice to see how a story so dark, could be brightened by childlike whimsicality and imagination. Such a wonderful movie to see with the family this coming season!

Tim Burton movies often have the same eerie air around them that is very distinct. You can also tell by the cast that it has Tim Burton written all over it. I love his animation style and his grungy way of directing, which help give people a sense of creepiness that is great for Halloween time. If you haven’t seen some of these, you should definitely check them out! Which Tim Burton movies are your favorites? Have you seen any of these already?

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