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7 Best Channing Tatum Movie Roles That Are Hard Not to Love ...

By Vladlena

Despite the fact that Channing Tatum is ridiculously good-looking, he is also a talented actor, so why not take a look at the best Channing Tatum movie roles? What I admire about Channing Tatum is his versatility. He is able to take on more of a lax role while still having the ability to portray deep and dauntless characters. In addition to booking big movie roles, he also makes hilarious cameos, which show that he is not afraid to laugh at himself. So here are 7 best Channing Tatum movie roles that prove his acting skills.

Table of contents:

  1. 21 jump street
  2. The vow
  3. Dear john
  4. Step up
  5. She’s the man
  6. G.i. joe: retaliation
  7. Fighting

1 21 Jump Street

One of the best Channing Tatum movie roles is Jenko from 21 Jump Street. It is one of the few comedies that made me cry of laughter uncontrollably. It is actually a remake of late-eighties TV series with plenty of outrageous moments and sharp humor. Channing Tatum and his co-star Jonah Hill embraced the stereotypes of a popular jock and a studious nerd to make one surprising film that is funny in execution and not just in concept! Their chemistry is unimaginable, making their versatile humor even more enjoyable.

2 The Vow

If you are a sucker for romantic movies, you would probably enjoy Channing Tatum in The Vow, which is a beautiful take on a romance movie. It almost resembles a Nicholas Sparks book with a little of its own twist. Channing Tatum is surprisingly expressive with his emotions, making it really easy for viewers to connect to his character. His tears seem real and his frustrations just tug at your heart, making your eyes a little watery.

3 Dear John

The Vow might resemble a Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation but Dear John is actually one of them! Channing Tatum plays a young soldier who falls in love with an idealistic college girl. As an actor he is really adroit in portraying male characters in romance movies because female viewers always end up loving his character! And who wouldn’t, because Channing Tatum clearly demonstrates that behind that manly appearance is a sentimental and fragile guy.

4 Step up

Step Up was the first movie in which I’ve noticed Channing Tatum. He played a distressed guy who grew up in a bad neighborhood and had been in trouble with the law for most of his life. Although some may say that his acting ability was not at its highest back then, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the teen movie. It was entertaining, exciting and romantic, and that is pretty much all a girl needs to enjoy a movie!

5 She’s the Man

She’s the Man is one of the most charming and romantic teen comedies that everyone should get to see at one point in their lives. Channing Tatum portrayed the love interest of Viola Hastings, played by Amanda Bynes, who decides to conceal her identity by becoming her twin brother at Illyria Prep School. It’s a fun and carefree movie in which Channing Tatum fills in a hilarious role of a jock.

6 G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is the second movie in the G.I. Joe series, in which G.I. Joes are now fighting their mortal enemy Cobra. This movie really shows the versatility of Channing Tatum, because most of his other movies are comedies or romances but this movie proves that he has wide acting abilities that range to action, Sci-Fi and adventure!

7 Fighting

Another one of Channing Tatum’s more serious roles is the role of Shawn McArthur is the movie Fighting. The movie takes place in New York City as a young counterfeiter is introduced into the world of underground street fighting by a scam artist, who then becomes his manager. It’s a heavier role with lots of action but Channing Tatum still does a great job bringing it to life with lots of authenticity.

Channing Tatum has done many great projects in his acting career that deserve a lot of praise. He is able to spread himself from sentimental romantic flicks to ponderous action movies. What are some of your favorite Channing Tatum movies? Share in the comments!

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