7 Super Scary Movies for a Halloween Movie Marathon ...

As Halloween approaches, some of us may find our appetite for scary movies increasing as we get into the spirit of things, and there are some super scary movies for a Halloween movie marathon that will make for a fabulous fright night. I love scary movies and while I relish the thrill of the fright, my partner prefers to stick his fingers in his ears and hide behind the sofa. He’s nearly 30 but that’s another issue. So while I prepare my partner for a night of scary movies from which there is no escape, here are some creepy classics to watch this coming Halloween.

1. Halloween

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Of course, a list of scary movies would seem a little daft without mentioning the classic Halloween movie franchise. Directed by John Carpenter and starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut, this 1978 slasher horror classic spawned 7 sequels. After escaping from the county sanitarium where he has been institutionalized for 15 years after having killed his 15 year old sister, Michael Myers begins a reign of terror in the fictional town of Haddonfield and dons a sinister, white, expressionless mask in the process. Now celebrating its 35th anniversary, fans of the franchise can even attend the official 35th Anniversary Halloween Convention in California this coming November but before that, you could always have a Halloween movie marathon and watch all the films!

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