7 Movie Fairy Tales for Adults ...

We grew up listening to and watching fairy tales as kids and you might think that it is a neglected genre for grown ups, but when you examine it, there are actually many excellent fairy tales for adults in the movies. Because we associate fairy tales with kids and childhood, we probably don’t immediately recognize adult fairy tales when we watch the movie. Here’s my list of movie fairy tales for adults. I wonder if you see them the same way I do?

1. Little Red Riding Hood

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Possibly one of the best modern fairy tales for adults. And, it’s one of the few β€œclassic” fairy tales reworked to an adult theme rather than just being a β€œmodern twist on…” It’s a shame that it was tarred with an association with the Twilight movies (I know you love these but I don’t) because this movie is wildly different. Instead of creating movies to sell to young women, this movie is made for young women. As with the best adult fairy tales, Red gets nasty as soon as she is alone with the bad boy, people are victimized, mentally challenged people are burnt for being witches, and the twist near the end is almost as surprising as the ending itself (which holds another little twist). This movie is just aching under its 15 rating, with all clothes staying on and the massive amounts of violence being shot off screen (for the most part).

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