8 Movies to Get You in the Halloween Spirit ...


8 Movies to Get You in the Halloween Spirit ...
8 Movies to Get You in the Halloween Spirit ...

Looking for some movies to get you in the Halloween spirit? It's definitely that time of year!

Autumn is almost everyone's favorite time of year-bonfires, hoodies, and of course great movies! Here's a list of 8 movies to get you in the Halloween spirit and make your fall complete.

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Halloween Town

This movie will get you into your fuzzy sock and drinking a pumpkin spice latte stage in no time.


Hocus Pocus

This classic truly never gets old. If this classic doesn’t make you wanna break out your witch's hat and carve a pumpkin, idk what will.



This creepy masterpiece always gets me into the Halloween mood and gets me motivated to watch more Halloween themed movies.


The Nightmare before Christmas

This is one of Tim Burton’s classic masterpieces that’s a little bit humorous and a little bit creepy and might just get you a a little excited for Christmas too.


Corpse Bride

This other Tim Burton film masterpiece is coming straight from the grave yard. This movie will make you wanna curl up with a big fuzzy blanket all night long.


The Addams Family

This old school classic will make you jump straight out of summer real quick! This mysterious family meets all of your creepy Halloween criteria.


Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a classic introduction to horror movies. There are multiple movies in the series and with Freddy being the ultimate killer who cannot be killed, your autumn nights can be full of fright to make the the countdown to Halloween that much better.



This movie is for the ultimate horror movie junkie. There are 8 of these terrifying movies so you're set for the entire Halloween season. I wouldn’t recommend these before bedtime kids!

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