7 Portrayals of Thanksgiving in the Movies and on TV ...

I’m a huge fan of movies about big, dysfunctional families, so of course I love watching Thanksgiving in the movies. Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your big, dysfunctional family, so it’s always fun to watch it in the movies! Whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy or something a little darker, you’ll find something on this list of portrayals of Thanksgiving in the movies you’ll love to watch during this holiday season!

1. A Family Thanksgiving

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I recently came across this made-for-TV movie when flipping through the channels and just had to watch it. It is a holiday movie, but at its core, it’s about finding balance in life, and that’s what kept me watching! If you’re looking for a fun portrayal of Thanksgiving in the movies with a bit of a modern-day Christmas Carol thrown in there, this is the movie for you!

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