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I’m a huge fan of movies about big, dysfunctional families, so of course I love watching Thanksgiving in the movies. Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your big, dysfunctional family, so it’s always fun to watch it in the movies! Whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy or something a little darker, you’ll find something on this list of portrayals of Thanksgiving in the movies you’ll love to watch during this holiday season!

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A Family Thanksgiving

I recently came across this made-for-TV movie when flipping through the channels and just had to watch it. It is a holiday movie, but at its core, it’s about finding balance in life, and that’s what kept me watching! If you’re looking for a fun portrayal of Thanksgiving in the movies with a bit of a modern-day Christmas Carol thrown in there, this is the movie for you!


The Holiday Engagement

Maybe I’m just a sucker for made-for-TV movies around the holidays, but I think this is one of my favorite holiday movies I’ve seen in the last few years. It’s about a woman who’s sick of her mother’s disappointment, and when her fiancé breaks up with her right before Thanksgiving, she hires a guy to play him when she goes home for the holiday. I’m sure you can guess where it goes from there, and even though it’s pretty predictable, it’s still just a warm holiday movie you’ll want to watch with your family at Thanksgiving. It was on Netflix during the last holiday season, so chances are that it will be popping up again shortly!


Every Friends Thanksgiving, Ever

Is Thanksgiving complete without indulging in a Friends Thanksgiving episode marathon? Even though in Michigan, all eyes are glued to the Lion’s game, I still make it a priority to make sure the Friends Thanksgiving Marathon gets some airplay in between the parade and football. Thanksgiving just isn’t complete without a little chaos from our favorite Friends!


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I can’t be alone in thinking that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a holiday staple, whether you’re a toddler or an adult. Charlie Brown is a classic no matter the time of the year, but there’s something about A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving that makes it a Thanksgiving weekend necessity.


The Blind Side

Besides the fact that this movie premiered over Thanksgiving weekend in 2009, making it everyone’s Thanksgiving night event, it also has a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner scene that is pivotal to the movie. So, take a break from football, and watch… well, more football, but believe me: after watching this movie, football will be the last thing on your mind!

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Home for the Holidays

I’m always up for a movie about a crazy family, and Home for the Holidays does not disappoint. It’s a film by Jane Fonda, stars Robert Downey Jr. and a plethora of other famous faces, about a woman who goes home to her crazy family for Thanksgiving. Personally, that’s just about everything I need to love a movie about Thanksgiving!


Funny People

This movie is definitely on my list of movies to watch over the Thanksgiving holiday, and I’m usually not a fan of Adam Sandler movies. It’s about a man who learns he has cancer, and only a few months to live, and the chaos that involves that. There is one scene, though, featuring probably every single one of your favorite comedians, seated around a Thanksgiving table, and Adam Sandler’s speech will leave you, well, speechless!

What’s your favorite movie about Thanksgiving? Give me some suggestions in the comments!

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Slapsgiving from how I met your mother

Dan In Real Life!!! Such a down to earth movie

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