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7 Great Unknown TV Series to Watch This Winter ...

By Kati

There is nothing better than relatively unknown TV series. Really. I mean, we’ve all enjoyed Orange Is the New Black, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, but navigating the world without encountering a spoiler for a show that everyone watches is HARD. That’s why I’ve been quizzing friends from around the world on their favorite unknown TV series. Check some of these out – they are well worth it!

Table of contents:

  1. Picket fences
  2. Bad education
  3. A bit of fry and laurie
  4. Teachers
  5. Wilfred
  6. Pramface
  7. Moone boy

1 Picket Fences

This is one of those unknown TV series that should definitely be more popular than it is. It’s my in-laws' favorite! I mean, what other show has exploding cows and brilliant dancing?! Basically, the show follows a small town sheriff and his wife, who is the town doctor, along with their children. You’ll definitely recognize a few famous faces, and the storylines are just brilliant.

2 Bad Education

This hilarious program is set in an underachieving UK school, with British comedian Jack Whitehall playing the class teacher. He’s definitely trying too hard to be one of the kids, often with hilarious consequences, and there’s a real feel-good feeling behind each episode. This will definitely have you in stitches, whatever your mood.

3 A Bit of Fry and Laurie

This is a British comedy from the '80s, starring Hugh Laurie (with a British accent!) and Stephen Fry. It’ll be a hit with any fans of sketch comedy! There are four seasons worth of laughs, with most of them innocent enough that you can watch with your family, but still hilarious. A few of the most well known sketches include a man whose surname is the sound of something falling to the floor, and a father who is outraged about his son being taught about sex.

4 Teachers

If you haven’t had your fill of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, you can get more here. Back in the early 2000s he played a young teacher in this four season comedy-drama. He manages to engage in some theft and light vandalism and end up in bed with a police officer, and that’s before any students are introduced. Definitely worth a watch.

5 Wilfred

Make sure you’re watching the Australian original! While the remake, which starred Elijah Wood, wasn’t a hit, the original continues to be loved around the world. The concept behind this program is a bit hard to explain, but basically, it’s about a man who sees a dog as a grown man in a dog suit. Following? It’s strange, but hilarious, and it won two Australian Film Institute nominations.

6 Pramface

Another weird British program. This one is basically a UK take on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” It follows two teens as they try to navigate a one night stand which results in an unplanned pregnancy. There’s hilarious moments, mixed in with some truly heartwarming scenes, and great acting. Give it a go – it’s a love-it-or-hate-it type show, but a lot of people are crazy for it.

7 Moone Boy

Do you remember Chris O’Dowd, from Bridesmaids? He stars in this unknown TV series, playing the imaginary friend of a very imaginative middle-school boy. Weirdly, the show managed to stay relatively obscure, despite winning an international Emmy for best comedy, and a few other awards. There’s two seasons so far, with a third due to be released.

Other great unknown TV series? I’m a big fan of Jeeves and Wooster, and Bottom is hilarious if you’re in the mood for some childish and sometimes violent fun. Do you know of any great unknown TV series? I’m definitely up for trying some more…these dark days make me love my sofa even more!

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