The Most Inspirational and Life Affirming Quotes from Pixar Movies ...


The Most Inspirational and Life Affirming Quotes from Pixar Movies ...
The Most Inspirational and Life Affirming Quotes from Pixar Movies ...

Pixar is good at three things. One, animation (obvs). Two, making me cry (EVERY TIME). And three? Giving us life-affirming inspirational quotes we can use over and over (and OVER) again, whenever we need to hear them. Here are a few of my faves.

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Thanks, Gusteau

toy, Your, only, limit, your, This quote from Ratatouille is all truth. We set our own limits and boundaries.


Thanks, Jackalope

nose, cartoon, head, skin, toy, This quote is from one of the many divine little Pixar shorts, Boundin' ... and I love the message!


Thanks, Linguine

screenshot, sense, Solets, thing!, FYDISNEYMISFITS, Sure, he's completely goofy and his "motivational" speech to his crew the night Ego showed up was actually the opposite, but I like this quite because even Linguine, with all his flaws, could psych himself up.


Thanks, Russell

darkness, soldier, screenshot, emotion, ltmight, Russell's right, you know. It's the small things that we remember, the everyday things that matter most.


Thanks, Dory

red, biology, darkness, h4te, When, I'm so glad Dory got her own movie, because she's so, so wise! Just keep going, even when things seem impossible.


Thanks, Edna

image, art, screenshot, brand, never, Oh my gosh, yes! Don't look back and dwell on your mistakes, because they'll just distract you from your goals. Also, no capes!


Thanks, Ellie

midnight, screenshot, ADVEN, LVRi, BOOK, Adventure is out there! And Ellie has a very good point. Don't sit here and dream about Paradise Falls -- or whatever it is you want to see or do -- go out there and do it, see it, live it!


Thanks, Buzz

color, blue, mural, room, art, How is this catch-phrase inspirational? I'm not entirely sure, but I like the idea that we can make our own catch-phrases and use them whenever we want.


Thanks, Flick

fauna, biology, flower, amphibian, Well, I love this (rather long) speech Flick gives Dot, about how one day, she'll come into her own. She just needs time.


Thanks, Anger

cartoon, play, toy, screenshot, I love the moment when Anger offers up the curse word he knows (and it's a good one!)... because sometimes, that's all you need: to let off a little steam, and get back to it.


Thanks, Nemo

blue, screenshot, computer wallpaper, Ha ha ha! I love this GIF! So Nemo's inspired to do something he's actually a little afraid to do partly because no one thinks he can do it. It's not the most noble motivation, but I hope I have the courage to touch the butt. Tee hee!


Thanks, Elasti-Girl

cartoon, anime, toy, Leave, the, Elasti-Girl, otherwise known as Helen Parr, is right. There's really not much at all we girls can't do that men can.


Thanks Again, Edna

cartoon, anime, interaction, PULL, YOURSELE, This is such an amazing bit of advice. Helen's falling apart when she thinks she's lost Bob, but Edna reminds her who she is, and what she can do. She'd make such an excellent life coach.


Thanks, Ladybug

screenshot, Shoo, fly., Don't, bother, There's nothing wrong with getting rid of the toxic people in your life... or telling the creepy guy who won't leave you alone to bugger off.


Thanks, Caterpillar

green, flora, food, jungle, produce, This is a little similar to Flick's speech to Dot. It may not seem possible now, but one day, all your hard work will pay off. Another take: that it's not what's on the outside that counts.

What other Pixar quotes do you love? Which movie is your favorite?

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