Which Disney BFF Would You Be?


There are many messages in every Disney movie and sometimes the characters themselves are the most profound message. We have heroes and heroines and princes and princesses. We also have sidekicks and faithful friends. It’s rare that a Disney character succeeds without a friend by their side. Friends like these:

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Tinkerbell Tinkerbell is one Disney BFF that shows you both sides of being somebody’s best friend; the good side and the ugly side! When Wendy arrives she is undeniably jealous of all the attention that Peter Pan and the Lost Boys give her, which causes a few arguments. But just like a true BFF, when she is needed, she makes sure she is there for Peter to help him and make sure he defeats Captain Hook. She’s got your back!



Flounder Ariel has a couple of great ocean friends, but while Sebastian the Crab likes to show his sassy side more often than not, Flounder is the one that sticks by the mermaid’s side and is nothing but supportive. Even when she has the worst ideas in the world like going to explore new shipwrecks, Flounder swallows his fear and heads on with her, because that’s what BFFs are for!



Pascal Disney added a cool new twist on the Rapunzel tale by giving her a cool chameleon sidekick called Pascal. Fiercely loyal and always looking out for Rapunzel’s safety, Pascal is the perfect BFF to have in a sticky situation as he can change color to blend in to any environment and is small enough to be able to cause chaos without being noticed!



Genie Voiced by the last great Robin Williams, Genie is probably my favorite of all Disney BFFs. He’s hilarious, he has astronomical powers and most of all, he really does love Aladdin. If your BFF can give you anything you’ve ever wanted and sing and dance as fabulously as Fred Astaire, then you know that they are definitely one to keep hold of!



Olaf At certain points throughout Frozen, Anna acts as is Olaf is more of a hindrance than a help, but with a sidekick that cute, how can you not let him be your BFF? The wonderful little snowman with a dream to experience summer heat is certainly silly, but when the going gets tough, he definitely plays his part in making sure that his BFF lives happily ever after. We love you, Olaf!

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Dory Dory the fish might just be the most infuriating character to have to go on a huge adventure with, but by the end of Finding Nemo, it’s pretty clear that Marvin wouldn’t have wanted to brave the wide ocean with anybody else. She may be forgetful, but her heart is huge and is dedicated to helping daddy and son reunite under the most unlikely of circumstances. For such a silly fish, she sure comes up with some helpful and inspirational advice, ‘just keep swimming!”.


Russell, Dug & Kevin

Russell, Dug & Kevin Sometimes one BFF just isn’t enough, and this is wonderfully highlighted in Up when old man Carl gets three of the most loyal and interesting best friends he could wish for. Russell, Dug and Kevin might be more trouble than they are worth, but as a foursome, the gang go on an epic adventure that tests their friendship and ends happily for all involved!

Who would you pick for your Disney BFF?

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Tinkerbell is my favorite

Id be Dorie

I'm tinker bell


I think I'm a bit of all of them.

Pascal, Dory or Flounder for sure

Genie pascal and dory are the best

I'm the genie. Too noisy to be be anyone else h ha

Tinkerbell is the best..

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