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17 Romance Films That He Will like Too ...

By Neecey

At the mere mention of a romcom men roll their eyes and sigh deeply. Say chick-flick and you get pretty much the same reaction. But there’s no reason why every movie night in you have to give in to watching an action movie, or you compromise and chose something bland neither you really want to see. Why? Because there are romance films he will like too!

1 Legends of the Fall

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It is an action film and an epic rolled into one. It is loaded with romance, action, thrills, heartbreaks, and excitement. Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins are on top form and show just how heroic and outright crazy they can be. You will love it, and your man will love it more. It is truly one of the best romance films that he will like too. Sit him down for ten minutes with this movie, and once Brad appears he will be hooked.

2 Frozen (honestly)

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I know what you are thinking, but if you fast-forward through the songs hehis going to love it. The characters are not too sappy, the women are not too skittish and even the snowman isn’t as annoying as he first appears. He may not admit it, but he will even like the fact it is about two sisters and not about a dashing prince.

3 True Romance

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It takes a skewered view of romance, but is it really that far removed from “true” romance? At all times their only priority is each other. Sure, the movie doesn’t feature too much hand holding and flower giving, but it shows two people willing to suffer and die for each other. Isn’t that what true romance really is? He is going to love it too because it is Tarantino and it has some fantastic and popular actors in it.

4 There’s Something about Mary

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It’s romantic in an odd sort of way. It is a good movie if you only watch it once. If you or your man watch it a second time, you will see it enters a whole new realm of horribleness.

5 Groundhog Day

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He is going to love the Groundhog Day movie because Bill Murray makes it worth watching. It has its own dollop of romance nestled within, but Bill’s raw charm and charisma means he gets the girl without resorting to sucking up to her or manipulating her. He wins her over through sheer charm even though he has to practice it - a LOT.

6 Thor 1 (& 2!)

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I know what you are thinking, how can Thor be a love story or romantic in any way? You have to look at it from the perspective of the Thor world. Here is a guy that is almost invulnerable and will live for hundreds of years with unquestionable power. He can have any woman, beast or creature in the galaxy, yet he goes out of his way to love a mere mortal woman. He has no other incentive for continuing to pursue her besides love because he can have almost anyone he wants. Even in the Avengers there is a small scene where he is reassured she is safe.

7 What Dreams May Come

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This may be the most hit and miss of all the movies on this list. Before the death of Williams it was on the fence, but there is a chance your fella will sit through this movie now that the beloved actor is dead. It features a lot of under and over world stuff, and though a lot of it is mushy, you do get a feeling of sincerity from Robin.

8 Captain America

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Look at this list and furrow your brow if you like, but if you missed the romance in Captain America then you missed the movie. If you didn’t shed a tear at the end when he is arranging a date with Peggy when they both know he will never show, then you do not have a heart or soul. The guys will love it because he is a genuine hero who proves you can start out a hero without ever needing super strength or robotics. It is one of the best romance films that he will like too.

9 Big Fish

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A less intelligent man is going to miss a lot of what this movie has to offer as it is a very intelligently written, directed and acted movie. Some people take it as face value, but luckily it is mystical and exciting enough to offer thrills to the one-dimensional viewer. This is a truly fantastic film that is underrated because many people do not get it. Nevertheless, your boyfriend is going to pretend he can take it or leave it, but really he is going to have trouble taking his eyes off the screen.

10 The Wedding Singer

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It is not an original comedy, but some say it is Adam Sandler’s best movie yet. If your man likes Sandler, then he is probably going to like this sappy movie about a girl getting ready to marry the wrong guy until she falls for Sandler.

11 Edward Scissorhands

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This is a Tim Burton movie that was made before he became a parody of himself. It is weird and freaky for guys, and it is romantic and tragic for the ladies. He is not going to love it as much as Trainspotting or Goodfellas, but he is going to be able to sit through it without thinking he’d rather be out with the guys.

12 50 First Dates

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This is hit-or-miss; he may like it because Adam Sandler is in it and it does have a few funny parts. They added in a few guy-friendly moments such as walruses throwing up. He may not love it, but he won’t throw a strop because it is too soppy. It is not one of the best romance films that he will like, but it may just win him over.

13 Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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It is romantic in a comedic way. Despite the silly premise it does feature a couple that have great chemistry on film. Added to which, it is a Brad Pitt movie, so guys are going to love it, plus Angelina Jolie is the icing on the cake in this movie. Oh, and there are also a bunch of firefights, explosions, etc. He is going to love it.

14 Red Riding Hood

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This is a movie you can feel simply groan under the weight of its PG13 rating. You can almost feel the actors wanting to rip off their clothes and splash a little more blood on the scene. It looks like just another teenage fantasy fest, but this movie actually has a soul and your boyfriend is going to find it strangely appealing.

15 Meet Joe Black

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Brad Pitt appears yet again in this list, and it doesn’t even have Fight Club in it, in which yet another romance blooms. In Meet Joe Black you get the tender faced Brad become the living incarnation of death that then discovers love. It sounds like something your boyfriend is going to hate, but yet again Brad Pitt and Antony Hopkins make the movie a good one. The man in your life will happily sit through this one.

16 Beauty and the Beast

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There is a chance the man in your life will not want to sit through a Disney cartoon, but this movie has splash of dark and quite a lot of threat and danger looming in the air. It has tension, and that may be just enough to keep your man glued to his seat.

17 Shaun of the Dead

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This is another movie that people cry incredulously about when the mere mention of romance comes into it, but isn’t the fact that Shaun is doing all this for a woman he loves defined as romance? He is not running across a zombie infested town to get his favorite shoes back from his ex. He is doing it because he wants to make sure the one he loves is safe. Sure, he doesn’t go about it the way that Thor does, or the way that Tristan does in Legends of the Fall, but you have to give Shaun credit for trying.

The key to finding a romance movie he will like too is to not pick what is obviously a love story. There are tons of movies with romantic plots and these present some wonderful viewpoints of love intertwined with action and adventure.

I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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