17 Romance Films That He Will like Too ...


At the mere mention of a romcom men roll their eyes and sigh deeply. Say chick-flick and you get pretty much the same reaction. But there’s no reason why every movie night in you have to give in to watching an action movie, or you compromise and chose something bland neither you really want to see. Why? Because there are romance films he will like too!

1. Legends of the Fall

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It is an action film and an epic rolled into one. It is loaded with romance, action, thrills, heartbreaks, and excitement. Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins are on top form and show just how heroic and outright crazy they can be. You will love it, and your man will love it more. It is truly one of the best romance films that he will like too. Sit him down for ten minutes with this movie, and once Brad appears he will be hooked.

Frozen (honestly)