Movies Everyone Should Watch before Graduation ...

Senior year is drawing to a close, and while that certainly means overcoming senioritis, deciding on colleges, and planning for prom, it also means something else: watching all the movies you didn’t have time to watch the rest of high school! Well, that’s a big list! So I’ve narrowed it down for you: here are the movies everyone should watch before graduation.

1. The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club is not only one of the classics, but also one that teaches a really relevant life lesson. The Breakfast Club depicts a group of teenagers, all from radically different social circles, who have been forced to attend Saturday school together. Even though the cliquey structure of high school forced them apart, they realize that they aren’t so different after all. Before you graduate, you should watch this movie so that you can see what wonders openness and tolerance can do for you!

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