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While there are so many incredible movies out there, only a few are fit to be considered movies that should be Broadway musicals. I love that some of my favorite movies like Legally Blonde and Catch Me If You Can have been turned into musicals and I wouldn’t mind seeing that trend continue. Here are my personal contenders for the best movies that should be Broadway musicals.

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Mean Girls


I might be biased but I think this might be the ultimate option out of all of the movies that should be Broadway musicals. Can you just image songs about being “fetch” and a whole rap about Kevin G? Mean Girls might have been one of the most popular movies within the past decade and I think most of the female population of America would be incredibly excited to see it turned into a Broadway musical.


Slumdog Millionaire


This incredibly inspiring movie by Danny Boyle told the story of one Indian boy’s lifetime struggle of getting out of the slums and finding the love of his life. Not only would a Broadway version of this movie be incredibly inspiring, the Bollywood inspired songs would be something so unique for Broadway.


Billy Madison


Back in the glory days of Adam Sandler, he put together this comedic masterpiece called Billy Madison. If you haven’t seen it (which you should), it is about a spoiled heir who must repeat his schooling all over again to inherit his dad's hotel business. With tons of classic one-liners that would no doubt make great songs, I think Billy Madison is just the comedy Broadway might be looking for. And it might make Broadway seem more accessible to an audience who never had an interest in Broadway before.


The Devil Wears Prada


Who wouldn’t want to watch Andy’s transformation from awkward assistant to full on fashionista? All while getting glaring looks from her terrifying boss Miranda Priestly. Not only would I love to see Miranda sing some of the nastiest songs in Broadway history, the costumes would be so chic!


South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut


Trey Parker and Matt Stone have already had tons of success with their Broadway show “The Book of Mormon,” so a musical based on the vulgar but lovable South Park boys would no doubt be a huge hit. The show already has some musical numbers thrown in, so we know the boys have some singing chops. I personally think that any musical based off of South Park would be a laugh your pants off riot.


Step up


While Broadway is mostly about the music, a Step Up musical could take dancing on Broadway to a whole new level. The original movie started a whole span of sequels that all featured incredible dancing. A “Step Up” Broadway show would take the empire to a whole different setting. I would love to see what the Step Up choreographers could come up with for a live production.


Across the Universe


Beatles music, incredible story, and trippy special effects. Is there anything else I could ask for out of all of the movies that should be Broadway musicals? I fell in love with the movie featuring Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood. If you thought the trippy scenes in the movie were insane, imagine seeming them in real life. All set to the incredible music of the Beatles. It sounds like paradise to me.


Center Stage


This is another incredible dancing movie like Step Up, but Center Stage would be a great balance between singing and dancing. Center Stage is the story of young ballet students trying to make their big break into a high profile company in New York. It would be a modern day mash up of “Billy Elliot” and “A Chorus Line.”

There has been a long-standing tradition of movies being turned into Broadway musicals and that tradition has had a lot of success. What did you think of these movies that should be Broadway musicals? What other movies do you think should be Broadway musicals? What qualities do you think a movie needs to have to make it fit to be a musical?

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Hunger games haha

Tina Fey is in the process of making Mean Girls the Musical

I love everything but I don't see Slumdog Millionaire as a musical.

When I first read the title of this post the first thing that popped into my mind. "MEAN GIRLS". Really excited to here it will be a musical!

A Mean Girls musical would be amazing. Oh my gosh.

Mean girls the musical is actually in production tina fey said she was working on the book (: yay I'm so excited !!

Nightmare before Christmas would be an awesome one too

Is the moulin rouge already a musical? :)

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