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Top 8 Superhero Movies ...

By Julia

Do you love superhero movies as much as I do? Then you probably LOVE movies that are filled with action, that are overflowing with adventure, and that contain the most amazing super-beings ever! Superhero movies are my favorite kinds of movies and if they're yours too, then check out some of my favorites!

1 The Spider-Man Series

The Spider-Man

These superhero movies are some of the finest! But I hope you don't have a phobia of spiders, because they play a big part in these movies! It all begins after a super smart kid gets awesome powers after being bitten by a spider. And what's a superhero without a need to save his city from some evil villains? In this case, a crazy, evil green guy, a doctor with some creepy mechanical arms, and an envious black monster with some jagged, sharp teeth! If you think this sounds awesome too, then go check them out!

2 Thor

Thor is definitely my all time favorite superhero! When this out-of-this-world hero comes to Earth, he creates some crazy times for everyone. And aside from being able to fly and wield an enormous, super hammer, Thor is played by the sexy Australian, Chris Hemsworth! His dazzling charm makes this movie perfect, right down to the credits!


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3 The X-Men Series

The X-Men

These superhero movies are what every superhero movie should be: unique! The superheroes in these movies weren't created by accident, they were born for a reason! Although they each have a weird gift that makes everyone think that they can't fit in, they attempt to prove to everyone that they are special in their own ways! Not every superhero has to be the same, and these can't be more different!

4 Captain America


A real American hero, Captain America is for all of those military movie lovers! But what makes this military movie different from the rest? The main character is a super human soldier! Who started out as a small boy, turned into a hunky super soldier through a military experiment. However, instead of being a killing machine, this captain turned into an amazing human with morals like an angel. He proves that this movie has everything a superhero movie needs and more!

5 The Avengers


What makes a great superhero movie? One filled with tons of superheroes, right? Well that's just what The Avengers is all about! The heroes consist of the unworldly Thor, the sassy Iron man, the huge Hulk, the sharp shooting Hawk-eye, the protective Captain America, and the sexy Black Widow! These differing heroes combine to defeat Thor's evil stepbrother, Loki, who is out for control! Can these super different superheroes defeat him? Find out for yourself and watch it!

6 The Incredibles


Who said a superhero movie has to be for adults? Kids need their helping of superhero action too! And The Incredibles definitely hit the spot! The main characters are literally an incredible family! However they are forced to hide their talents in order to stay "normal." But who wants to be normal when they have amazing powers? Not the Incredibles, that's for sure! Find out if they stay in the shadows or break into the world and go check it out!

7 The Iron Man Series

This superhero series is another really unique one. This hero starts out as a regular man with an amazing knack for engineering. But when he and a friend get into some serious danger, they put their minds together to create an exoskeleton that eventually becomes a part of the main character's whole livelihood. Besides being fast-paced and quick-witted, the main character is played by the charming Robert Downey Jr.! Enjoy him and Gwyneth Paltrow in all of the movies!

8 Ghost Rider


Looking for a guy who is willing to give up his soul to save another's life? Well then Ghost Rider is the guy for you! Oh but he also turns into a skeletal being with a flaming skull, just so you know. Ghost Rider is the bad ass of all of the superheroes and he lets everyone know it! At night or around danger, he rides his flaming motorcycle and protects only the innocent. Everyone else? He can simply throw flaming hellfire at them. Still don't think he's a bad ass? Then go watch the movie and see what else this crazy rider can do!

Superhero movies are some of the most popular movies these days and it's no surprise that they are! Filled with the craziest effects and the best directing, these movies are tough to beat! Plus, how can we resist watching these amazing superheroes protect the world from evil? I know I can't! Can you? What are some of your favorite superhero movies?

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