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We all like to think we're grown ups here, but the truth is there are kids movies that adults love just as much as the little ones do. Some of them are timeless classics, like Mary Poppins. Others are more modern, but will be remembered for years to come anyway. I can't resist a kids' movie, so I am guessing there are others out there who are the same. Here are some great kids movies that adults love just as much.

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Toy Story

I'm not just talking about Toy Story 1 here. Nope, all three feature on my favorite kids' movies that adults love just as much list. Although, I have to admit, the third is my favorite. The moment Andy gives Woody away makes me feel sadder than any moment in any other movie. And, yes, that does include Bambi's mother dying.


Finding Nemo

Nemo has some serious balls. His dad is overprotective, his classmates see him being coddled, and then he goes and touches the 'butt'. If I were Nemo, I think I would prefer the sea to the dentist's tank too. Nothing against tanks in general, it's just the whole dentist thing. They terrify me.


The Lion King

Unlike the Toy Story trilogy, I only love the first Lion King. Slight confession, I listen to the soundtrack from time-to-time. I just can't resist Elton John sometimes. Like Toy Story, this movie has the potential to make me feel sad. It also makes me terrified of hyenas.


Beauty & the Beast

Beauty & the Beast has to be my favorite Disney movie. This does have a little to do with me wanting to live in a chateau. And my love for France. Otherwise, the soundtrack is simply amazing. Be Our Guest is a personal favorite of mine.


Cheaper by the Dozen

I always loved Steve Martin in Father of the Bride. But I love him in Cheaper by the Dozen even more. I know this isn't everyone's favorite kids' movie however, I find it hilarious and heartwarming every time I watch it. Seeing Tom Welling on screen was also quite a bonus, especially as I was a teen when I first watched this.


Spongebob the Movie

It's sort of questionable whether Spongebob is made for kids or adults really. The comedy is seriously warped. And there is no way anybody wrote the script while sober. Spongebob the Movie gets extra points from me for starring David Hasslehoff. The guy is just effortlessly hilarious.


Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins seriously reminds me of my childhood. Unfortunately, that is not because I had a nanny with a flying umbrella. No, I watched it routinely every Xmas until I was well into my teens. Dick Van Dyke is at his best in this film, in my opinion. And, aside from the Sound of Music, it is my favorite Julie Andrews movie.


The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz was also a holiday season feature when I was a kid. As I got older, it seemed to become more magical. One of the main reasons for this was me realizing how awesome it'd be to see the black and white turn to color. Imagine suddenly seeing color on the screen in front of you after years of black and white? To me, that definitely beats the whole standard to HD/3D transition.



How cute was Drew Barrymore as a kid? If I were one of the E.T. cast members, I wouldn't have been able to put her down! This is one of those few Nineties' kids' movies I didn't watch until I was an adult. When I did watch it, I felt sad I hadn't made the effort before. Even as an adult, I'd still love to harbor an alien and send it back to space. Childish, I know.

Kids' movies lack the drama and intrigue of adult productions. They are magical, though, which is why most adults love them. Others I love include all of the Harry Potter adaptations and pretty much an early Disney movie. If you are a kids' movie fan, what is your favorite?

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Lion king is that movie

Love beauty and the beast the most.. Also i think you missed out the little mermaid... Original movie off course.. Luv it all the time..

What about frozen?

Love the Lion king. Can't wait for my baby to grow a bit and share it with her.

I could never ever get tired of Beauty & the Beast, Tangled, or Frozen. Ever ever.

All of these movies are AMAZINGGGG especially the. Lion King

Love these ones :))

What about Frozen??

I love these and many more. It is because we grew up on those kids movies when we were kids ourselves! I wonder if it would be the same for newer kids movies! Though i will always love the disney ones!

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