7 Movies with the Best New Year's Scenes ...

There are lots of great holiday movies out there, but my favourites have always been the ones with the best New Year’s scenes. There’s something about ringing in the New Year in a festive spirit that just radiates on screen! To me, no holiday movie is complete a scene without ringing in the New Year. Since it’s the time of year now, I’ve decided to share my list of the 7 movies with the best New Year’s scenes!

1. Sex and the City

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I love this series, and I may also be the only one who loved the movies, so this scene is no exception! It’s so beautifully put together and the song playing in the background is almost magical. What makes this one of the best New Year’s scenes is because it truly shows what New Year's is all about. It’s a time to celebrate with friends, family, loved ones, and a time when anything can happen. New Year’s ushers in a whole new chapter of our lives, and that time should be spent with those who are dearest to us. It’s a time to reflect, and as cheesy as it sounds – a time when magic happens!

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