9 Brilliant Bad-but-Good Movies That Are Perfect for Movie Night ...


9 Brilliant Bad-but-Good Movies That Are Perfect for Movie Night ...
9 Brilliant Bad-but-Good Movies That Are Perfect for Movie Night ...

What makes bad but good movies? Sometimes it's accidental, sometimes they set out to be sheer entertainment. Either way, they are great fun to watch. Although they will never be described as good, these movies do serve a purpose. Here are some bad but good movies that are perfect for movie nights with friends …

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I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle

This is one of the bad but good movies I watched with my bad-movie buddy. Like many bad but good movies, it is best watched in company (we saw it at a public showing). I normally prefer silence from fellow moviegoers, but these films are so much more enjoyable with loud laughter and audience commentary.


Flash Gordon

Sci-fi is a rich source of bad but good movies, and this 1980 version of an ancient serial fulfills the label admirably. It's fabulously over the top, with some wonderfully camp performances, a Queen soundtrack, and one of my favorite quotes: "Flash! Flash, I love you, but we only have 14 hours to save the Earth!"


Deep Rising

Like all the best bad but good movies, this gloriously entertaining creature feature never takes itself too seriously. Deep Rising knows its place and doesn't aspire to be anything more than the sum of its parts. It's a fun adventure that takes all the clichés and employs them perfectly.



Showgirls has become almost legendary among fans of bad movies. It appears to have set out to be an inspiring story of a dancer trying to make it big … but instead became ridiculed for its camp and poor performances. Utterly over the top, and not to be taken as seriously as it takes itself.


Bubba Ho-Tep

Imagine that Elvis didn't die, but ended up in an old folks' home. And then made friends with an elderly JFK (who's black). Add the presence of an Egyptian mummy, and you know you're watching a movie that definitely doesn't aim for an Oscar. But it's a lot of weird fun.


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Santa opening a toy factory on Mars? Um, okay … Admittedly this effort was made 50 years ago, which explains the less than impressive sets and costumes (not to mention the scientific inaccuracies). Watch it to laugh at the typically Sixties look of the film.


Strippers V Zombies

I'm seeing a pattern here. Filmmakers of the world: if you want your movie to be acclaimed, give it a good start by avoiding a title beginning with S. Strippers v Zombies (also known as Zombies, Zombies, Zombies) is ultra low budget, and pretty unsubtle. But it's actually quite good fun.


Surf Nazis Must Die

Yep, it's the letter S that is responsible for many Bad Movies. And the Troma studio. And the advent of videos in the '80s, which allowed far too many aspiring filmmakers to get behind a camera. Leroy's Mama rocks though.



And now, the magnificent Sharknado. Utterly ludicrous yet all the more enjoyable for it, Sharknado became a TV hit through word of mouth. It's a fun, low budget TV film that's as daft as can be, but clearly didn't intend to be anything else. Watch and enjoy.

I love a bad but good movie. There's nothing wrong with a movie that's not what you'd call quality. In fact, these kind of movies are often the most fun to watch - especially in company! Can you share your own favorite bad movies?

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That was great! I like the frozen 3d movies in cinema.

Flash Gordon, lol. . . Love that movie. . . How could you leave off Time Bandits, the Hollywood Shuffle and Blank Man. . .

Love Show Girls (:

The Room should be on here!

Sharknado and Flash Gordon!!!

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