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9 Ways Cory and Topanga Ruined Real Life for Us ...

By Teresa

I’m almost positive that Cory and Topanga are singlehandedly responsible for every twenty-something’s unrealistic expectations of the real world. They made the real world and love look so much easier than they actually are, and they did it in a pretty realistic way. Everyone who grew up watching Boy Meets World are starting to come to the realization that finding love like Cory and Topanga isn’t as easy as pushing the boy you like against a locker in the sixth grade. Thanks for the unrealistic expectations, Cory and Topanga.

1 Elementary School Relationships Don’t Last

Elementary School Relationships Don’t Last Although the timeline is a little fuzzy, it seems that Cory and Topanga started dating as young children. How many married couples can say they’ve been dating since they were in diapers? Very few, I would think, but Cory and Topanga made us all believe that this was a normal occurrence. There were probably more than a few kids out there expecting to find true love with the annoying boy they sat next to in class, but alas, that is very rarely the case.

2 College Isn’t like That

College Isn’t like That Boy Meets World was definitely a show for children, making the inaccurate depiction of college a little expected, but it was still horribly inaccurate. You don’t go to college with every single one of your friends you’ve had since you were in diapers. You don’t spend all of your time on a couch in the Union. Most dorms don’t have co-ed communal bathrooms. Most college students go to a lot of parties. It was horribly inaccurate, yet I can forgive them because it’s Boy Meets World and they can do no wrong.

3 Life Isn’t That Dramatic

Life Isn’t That Dramatic Obviously real life isn’t as dramatic as any TV show, but Cory and Topanga sometimes take it a few steps too far. Didn’t Topanga run away to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh in the middle of a thunderstorm? I’m almost positive that she did. How many people do you know who have traveled at least four hours (How did she get there? Did she hitchhike? Did she take the bus? We don’t know!), because they needed to be with their significant other? Everything was so dramatic and over-the-top with them, and it led us to believe that our lives would be filled with dramatic and over-the-top gestures. Alas, that was not the case.

4 Love is Not That Easy

Love is Not That Easy You usually don’t meet the love of your life in the sandbox. What Cory and Topanga didn’t tell us is that we would spend the better part of our adult years looking for the type of love they found playing on the playground as toddlers.

5 Most People Don’t Get Engaged at Graduation

Most People Don’t Get Engaged at Graduation I personally don’t remember anyone getting engaged during my high school graduation, and if they did I would’ve thought they were really strange. Yet, somehow, it was one of the most romantic TV proposals of all-time when Topanga proposed to Cory.

6 Teenage Boys Don’t Talk like That

Teenage Boys Don’t Talk like That Do you know many fifteen-year-old boys who would say something as eloquent as “All I know is that you and I belong together. I’ve always been able to talk to you, to make you laugh, and I’ve always, always wanted to take care of you”? Because I don’t. Can we get the writers of Boy Meets World to script every confessional of love we get from any boy, ever?

7 Finding a Mentor like Mr. Feeny is Hard

Finding a Mentor like Mr. Feeny is Hard Cory and Topanga really took Mr. Feeny for granted. Every kid who grew up watching Boy Meets World probably spent a good chunk of their adolescence looking for a mentor that was half as amazing as Feeny. Personally, there have been many times throughout college that I’ve watched Mr. Feeny’s inspirational speeches on YouTube to encourage me before an exam. Everyone deserves a mentor like Mr. Feeny.

8 Your Friends Aren’t That Supportive

Your Friends Aren’t That Supportive Everyone loves Cory and Topanga’s relationship, but I don’t think anyone loves it like Shawn Hunter loves it. He legitimately told Cory that it was raining because God was crying because he and Topanga were broken up. Most friends would encourage you to get over your ex, but not Shawn Hunter. Shawn Hunter loves and believes in Cory and Topanga more than anybody else.

9 Our Other Favorite '90s Shows Aren’t Coming Back

Our Other Favorite '90s Shows Aren’t Coming Back The Boy Meets World revival was one of the greatest pieces of news in 2012. It gave us hope that we would soon see a revival of more of our favorite shows from the '90s, but alas, that is not the case just yet. I’m counting down to Girl Meets World, but I’m also patiently waiting for Friends and Full House reunions, just like the rest of the world.

Don’t you just love Cory and Topanga? What’s your favorite Cory and Topanga moment? I honestly don’t think I could pick. I have too many!

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