7 Ways the Brady Bunch Changed the World ...

Here’s a story…about the Brady Bunch, and how it changed the world. When it debuted in 1969, the US was in turmoil. From the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon’s election, the Kennedy-Chappaquiddick trial, and the Stonewall riots, the country was on unprecedented ground, and the feelings of change were in the air. Yet, this small show called The Brady Bunch took hold of the television sets, and echoed the change about to happen in the country

1. Carol Brady

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Carol was a new-age mom and wife on The Brady Bunch. While she didn’t work outside the home, she was no wallflower. Not afraid to show her feisty side or to succumb to the fashion choices of many women and mothers her age, Carol had her own style filled with self-confidence and humor, and felt comfortable expressing that.

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