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9 of Ross Geller's Best Moments from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Series ...

By Laura

In my opinion, Ross Geller’s best moments in F.R.I.E.N.D.S are often the funniest. It just seems as though the longer the series went on, the better he became. In fact, I’d say that Ross Geller’s best moments are the moments most people love the most. From the times he is embarrassing, to the times he is romantic, each is adorable.

1 Red Ross

Out of all of Ross Geller’s best moments, this must be one of the most underrated. Red Ross appears when the poor guy is faced with playing rugby for the first time. Undeterred by Emily’s pleas for him to cease, he tells some bizarre story about when he got mad at a guy in a queue. Despite bringing out Red Ross, he still gets absolutely hammered by his team mates.

2 Tanned Ross

Oh poor Ross, he just didn’t understand that spray tanning booth, did he? Everyone wants to look a little more golden sometimes. Sadly for Ross, his Mississippi counting mechanism doesn’t work for him. I have to admit, I’d probably have done the same in his position.


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3 Punctuation Fanatic Ross

Ross just couldn’t resist correcting Rachel’s grammar when he decided to take issue with the letter she wrote. When he explains the difference between “Your” and “You’re” to the poor woman, he looks ready to explode. Really, he should have read the letter. Maybe the whole incident could have been avoided then.

4 British Ross

For whatever reason, Ross decides a British accent will make his students love his lectures more. Trust me, I sit through lectures from British men and women all day, it doesn’t help at all. The best accent? Irish! Ross definitely should have gone with Irish. When Rachel breaks out her Indian accent, it just gets better.

5 Ross the Holiday Armadillo

Like any great dad, Ross was determined to make sure his son had a fantastic Christmas. With no Santa Claus outfits available, he decides to invent a Jewish holiday character called the Holiday Armadillo. Sadly, Chandler steals his thunder by rocking up as good old Saint Nick. Fortunately, Ben is impressed with both outfits.

6 Ross the Sandwich Protector

We all love a great sandwich, right? Well some of us love our food a little more than most. I am one of them people, so I can absolutely empathise with Ross losing his cool over that sandwich. After all, WHO steals an amazing leftover sandwich?

7 Leather Pants Ross

I’m not sure what Ross was aiming for here. Sexy? Cool, maybe? Whatever it was, he missed the mark entirely. In a desperate attempt to get those leather pants off, he provided some golden moments of entertainment.

8 Ross the Lobster

Ross wasn’t just funny, he was awkwardly romantic too. I can’t imagine many situations being more mortifying than having everyone see one of your prom disasters. Fortunately for Ross, it is enough to make Rachel fall for him. Between that episode and the end, there were several more romantic Ross and Rachel Moments.

9 Rachel’s Ross

Could they have ended F.R.I.E.N.D.S on a better note? Of course we all wanted to see Ross and Rachel get back together. I do feel a little sad for Rachel that she didn’t get to go to Paris, as I love that place. However, I’m willing to bet New York is just as awesome. Now if Ross hadn’t mentioned the whole “On a break” thing, the moment would’ve been a bit too romantic. So, I’m glad he made his inappropriate joke.

Even though I feel a little sad when I realize F.R.I.E.N.D.S has ended, and that we won’t have any more amazing Ross moments anymore, I think they ended it on a high. It is definitely better to end things on a high! Also, I am quite pleased there are no movie plans. F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Ross need to remain as we left them! If you have a favorite Ross Geller moment, what is it?

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