10 Most Charming Underdogs on TV ...

Everyone loves an awkward, bumbling unlikely hero, so here’s my list of the loveliest underdogs on TV! Whether they’re a main character or a supporting role, these wonderful personas are constantly trying to be the best they can, much to the disappointment of their co-workers, schoolmates, family members or friends. There are some great underdogs on TV, and you’ll be rooting for them all the way!

1. Shannon Beiste, Glee

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Coach Beiste from Glee is the one everyone is afraid of. She’s tough and masculine and doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s emotions - or so they think. As her storyline develops, you see that she is actually a kind, soft, gorgeous person who simply wants acceptance. As you witness her quest for love, you cheer her on and hope that she finds the very happiness that she deserves - she is definitely one of the sweetest underdogs on TV!

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