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9 Parks and Rec Characters We've All Identified with ...

By Teresa

We all have our favorite Parks and Rec characters, and we’ve probably all identified with them at some point in our lives. I think we’ve all felt like Tom Haverford when describing our social media habits, and we’ve all felt like Ron Swanson when human interaction is just too much to deal with. And of course, we’ve probably all felt like Leslie Knope while organizing our annual Galentine’s Day brunch. No matter which you identify most with, you’ve probably found yourself relating to many of these Parks and Rec characters on a regular basis.

1 Tom Haverford

Tom Haverford Tom Haverford is so obnoxious that you can’t help but adore and identify with him, which is personally what makes him one of my favorite Parks and Rec characters. He’s so ridiculous, whether he’s trying to grow his next big business or trying to pick up women. Even though he’s almost definitely insane, haven’t we all wished for our own DJ Roomba at one point or another? I know I have.

2 Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope It’s impossible not to love Leslie Knope. She’s hardworking, loving, and passionate about everything she does. Sometimes it may feel like we’re aspiring to be her on our best days. Plus, she and Ann have one of the greatest television friendships ever. I think they left us all wishing we had a little more Ann and Leslie in our own relationships!

3 April Ludgate

April Ludgate You’ve had those days where you hated everyone and rolled your eyes at everything, and in those moments, you’ve identified with April Ludgate. We’ve all been there. She cares so much without really caring at all. When you feel your most sarcastic, that is when you identify with April Ludgate.

4 Andy Dwyer

Andy Dwyer Yes, Andy Dwyer was basically the worst at the beginning of Parks and Rec. As time went on though, it was hard not to love and identify with him. He’s just trying to be successful, even if he’s pretty dumb while trying to get there. Still though, how could you not love him when he played the kids show and finally found some success? I think we’ve all had those moments where we keep finding failure, and then we finally find success, and in those moments, we are all like Andy Dwyer.

5 Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson I may be one of the few people on the planet who identifies with Ron Swanson, but I can’t help but think we’d be best friends if he weren’t fictional. He’s so ridiculously old-fashioned and no nonsense that some people find him hard to identify with, but I think that’s what makes him so different. Haven’t we all had our own Ron Swanson moments?

6 Donna Meagle

Donna Meagle Two words: treat yo ‘self! Yes, Donna has many ridiculously relatable moments, but how often do you find yourself quoting this now infamous line when making an impulse purchase? Whether she’s talking about her cousin Ginuwine or treating herself to some mimosas and massages, it’s hard not to love Donna Meagle.

7 Ann Perkins

Ann Perkins Ann, you beautiful tropical fish. Don’t we all wish we had a little more Ann Perkins in us? She is questionably the simultaneously most and least normal character of the entire ensemble, and I’m almost positive we’ve all had times where we’ve felt the same. Sometimes we feel like we’re the least crazy of all of our friends, but that’s never really the case, is it?

8 Chris Traeger

Chris Traeger If you didn’t walk around saying “literally” in Chris Traeger’s voice after he was introduced to the show, you weren’t truly living. Yes, he’s ridiculously rigid and strange, but you can’t deny that he’s “literally” your favorite character on the show.

9 Ben Wyatt

Ben Wyatt Ben Wyatt is everyone’s inner geek. Sure, we can laugh at his nerdy one-liners, but aren’t we all secretly thinking “Oh no, do I act like that?” Plus, his fierce love for Leslie definitely has everyone wishing for a relationship like Ben and Leslie. They are basically perfect.

Which Parks and Rec character do you identify with the most? I think mine changes on a daily basis! Let me know in the comments!

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