7 Great Shows with Shirtless Guys That We Can't Help but Drool over ...

By Holly

7 Great Shows with Shirtless Guys That We Can't Help but Drool over ...

Sure, storylines are important, but you have to admit that shows with shirtless guys can transform a good episode into a great one. You’ll never lose interest when you have a hot man forcing your eyes to stay glued to the screen. Here are some of the most entertaining shows with shirtless guys that you can’t miss:

1 Arrow

Arrow Based on the comic book, this CW show follows Oliver Queen as he returns from the 'dead.’ After a shipwreck that landed him on a hellish island for five years, he finds his way back home and tries to find a way to bring justice to his city. This is one of the most awesome shows with shirtless guys galore. Once you see a few episodes, you’ll keep coming back--for more than just the eye candy.

2 Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O This remake of the classic show is perfect for any action hungry human. Every episode is filled with crimes, guns, and handcuffs. But don’t worry, because all of the drama is balanced out by lighthearted humor and sexy surfers. It does take place in Hawaii, so it wouldn’t make sense for their clothes to stay on long.

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3 Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Do you have a thing for brave, muscled men? Turn on Chicago Fire, and you’ll see--you guessed it--fire fighters in Chicago. You can imagine how often these hunks take their shirts off. The best part? The few times that they're dressed, they'll be in uniform. It doesn't get much better than that.

4 Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf If you didn’t see enough of Colton Haynes on Arrow, go back and watch the first season of Teen Wolf. There are plenty of shirtless scenes that’ll make you swoon. The show, if you couldn’t guess, is about a teenager that is attacked by a werewolf and becomes one. If you enjoy fantasy, you’ll be drawn in by the action.

5 Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones If you like fighting and love-making, this is the show for you. You’ve definitely heard of it by now, and you’ve probably seen an episode or two. Chances are, you’ve seen a glimpse of the shirtlessness that dominates the show. Whether you’re into girls, guys, or both, this show will give you what you’re looking for.

6 Lost

Lost There aren’t any new episodes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it on Netflix. Lost shows dozens of characters striving to survive on a mysterious island. If you’re not already a fan of Josh Holloway or Matthew Fox, you will be soon. This is one of the greatest shows to ever grace television, so you might as well give it a chance.

7 Any Soap Opera

Any Soap Opera Soap operas are filled with deception, violence, and sex. There are new episodes every day, so if one episode doesn’t contain shirtlessness, all you have to do is wait a few hours for the next one to air. Watch Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, or the Bold and the Beautiful. Each one has its perks, so you can't go wrong.

Making men remove their shirts is a cheap trick to draw in female viewers, but it works. Hey, if the show is great to begin with, it's not your fault that the writers are giving you an extra treat for staying loyal. Who would you say is the hottest guy on television?

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Haha people wonder why I watch Hawaii 5-0 lol plus it's funny! Girls should def watch the show! Lol

if teen wolf wasn't here you'd know that this is a false article or whatever this is called. Oliver Queen good lord he is fine. So is the whole teen wolf cast my goodness where do they find that many good looking people?

Don't forget Vampire Diaries

1 & 5 ❤️

The Vikings!!

What do you mean by a false article?

Lady boner article of the year lol


Hugh jackman in the wolverine



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