7 Late, Great Cartoons and Why We Miss Them ...

There are really some great cartoons on air, and I admit that I still watch a lot of them. Sadly, a lot of fantastic cartoons have also been banished to the world of reruns, and those are the ones I'm discussing today. I further confess that most of these are adult themed cartoons, although you'll find a few kid-friendly choices, because what can I say? Even kid cartoons amuse me sometimes. Mind, these are just some of the great cartoons I miss. Your mileage may vary, so please feel free to share your favorites as well!

1. King of the Hill

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I only really got into King of the Hill after it ended its long, long run. I've never actively disliked it, but after I read an article on The A.V. Club, lauding it as one of the smartest but most underrated cartoons on TV, I gave it a fair shot. Is it the smartest cartoon ever? That I can't say, but look deeper and you'll find a charming, often intelligent, and rather meaningful look into small-town life. It's also more realistic than other great cartoons, which is sometimes a relief.

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