7 Pieces of Popular Culture Inspired by Anne Boleyn ...

There are times when I cannot get enough of popular culture inspired by Anne Boleyn. She might not be everyone’s favorite queen, but she is certainly the one who commands the most attention! Few of us can forget ‘The Tudors’, but then maybe that has more to do with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill than Anne? Popular culture inspired by Anne Boleyn isn’t always historically accurate, but it certainly is entertaining!

1. The Tudors

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I once looked into how The Tudors coincided with an increase in Google searches for Anne Boleyn, and it turned out that they rocketed dramatically! This piece of popular culture inspired by Anne Boleyn has probably made her more of a divisive character to the modern world than ever. Personally, I loved her portrayal, and loved Catherine Howard’s even more. I’m sure many people have seen this series, but if you haven’t, do check it out.

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