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Anyone who watches TV or movies at all probably has characters we feel sorry for. Maybe I watch too much TV (okay, I definitely watch too much TV), but I can't help but get sucked into these shows to the point that I start to identify with the characters. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I'm not going to list all of the characters we feel sorry for because it would take forever, but these are the ones that come to mind. Warning: this post is full of spoilers! You may want to stop reading now, or at least scan for the names!

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Meg Griffin-Family Guy

Meg Griffin-Family Guy Even though she's a cartoon, Meg is one of the characters we feel sorry for the most. She went to the prom with the family dog (and became infatuated shortly after), joined a cult to gain acceptance and is constantly insulted and pushed aside by, well, everyone. She's thought to be fat and ugly to the point that people have set themselves on fire after looking at her and dated her just to steal her kidney. She did, however, lose her virginity to Jimmy Fallon. Not bad.


Edith Crawley-Downton Abbey

Edith Crawley-Downton Abbey Can't this lady catch a break? First of all, she's the middle child with the typical “middle child” issues-she's not given as much attention or regard as her sisters. Then, she falls in love with a man only to have her beautiful sister pursue him, gets left at the altar, falls in love with a married man and is now pregnant with his child. To her credit, her married boyfriend went to Germany to divorce his wife so he could marry her. Now he's missing and she's been given two options-either have an abortion or have the child abroad and adopt it to another family. That's not to say that the rest of the Crawley family hasn't had their problems, but just when it looks like she's going to be happy, something happens to dash her hopes. Hopefully things will get better for her as the show goes on. Fingers crossed.


Matthew Taylor/Stephanie Edwards-Grey's Anatomy

Matthew Taylor/Stephanie Edwards-Grey's Anatomy If you saw the mid-season finale last year, you saw both of these people's hopes dashed in one fell swoop. After all, how do you come back from having your boyfriend run off with your bride in front of everyone you know? And then to have to see them both every day at work-I just can't imagine. At least now Matthew is available; the comment I made before about wanting some mouth-to-mouth still applies.


Arya Stark-Game of Thrones

Arya Stark-Game of Thrones Granted, the trials in her life have made her into the tough badass she is. Still, the fact that she's had to watch her father get beheaded, lose her mother AND her brother, get kidnapped and have to defend herself against damned near everything makes me feel sympathy and admiration at the same time. She's not one to take pity-in fact, she'd probably kick my ass from here to Sunday for saying this-but I wouldn't wish these things on my worst enemy.


Butters Stotch-South Park

Butters Stotch-South Park This poor kid is the show's punching bag. He's been turned into a vampire; nearly been sold to Paris Hilton to be her little dog; been forcibly given liposuction; gone on Maury Povich with fake testicles on his chin; gotten a criminal record in fourth grade despite being innocent; and to top it all off, his given name is Leopold. Leopold! That's a name that gets someone shoved in their locker in junior high.

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The Entire (original) Cast of House

The Entire (original) Cast of House This show has more characters we feel sorry for than I can count. I stopped feeling sorry for Chase after "The Tyrant" (you'll have to look that one up), but there are many others: Wilson for being taken advantage of so many times (although he got a bit of his own back toward the end); Cuddy for having to manage Dr. House (the car through the window was pretty bad too); Foreman for having an Alzheimer's-stricken mother; and Cameron for having a husband die and being in love with House. But I have to say the one I most feel sorry for is House himself. Don't get me wrong; he's a total ass I'd hate to be around. I've learned from experience, though, that the nastiest people are often miserable and want to spread it around. Hurt people hurt people.


Daisy Wick-Bones

Daisy Wick-Bones She's rallied well, but being broken up with twice by a man she has to see all the time would be hard on anyone. Granted, one was because she ran off to Indonesia for a year without marrying Sweets, but she obviously wants to make things right with him. The fact that most people at the Jeffersonian find her annoying is something I feel bad about, but it's also something I can relate to. Bouncing off the walls can leave bruises.

Like I said before, we can't help but get sucked into the worlds our favorite characters live in. Frankly, sometimes they're more interesting than our own lives. Are there any characters you feel sorry for? Is it sad that I'm this wrapped up in TV story lines? Discuss!

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