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My kids love to watch kids cartoons, but I like to DVR them so they can skip the commercials and just watch the show. My kids don’t get to stare at the television all day, so this is a great way to pick and choose exactly what they want to watch when the time comes. Plus, it keeps them from asking for all the junk they see during the commercials. These are my top kids cartoons to add to your DVR list.

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Octonauts This is one of the cutest kids cartoons I’ve ever seen. Each episode features several animals that rescue a specific ocean creature. There’s a bunch of them that I’d never heard of so the kids learn something while they watch too. Plus the animation is super cute and the cartoon isn’t so irritating that you want to leave the house anytime it comes on. There are also Octonauts toys so if your little one really loves it, you can reenact each episode on his bedroom floor.


Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes Sure it’s fairly retro, but there’s something about Looney Tunes that entertains kids of all ages. And parents too. You don’t have to worry that this cartoon will expose your kids to questionable material and it isn’t so stupid that you want to tear your hair out whenever it comes on. On top of that, you can sit down and enjoy this cartoon from your own childhood right alongside your little ones.


Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Jake and the Never Land Pirates There’s mystery, adventure and intrigue so what could be better than Jake and the Never Land pirates? Not much, according to my kids. The cartoon centers around a cute gang of pirates and their explorations. It’s not at all scary, it teaches good morals and it never has any inappropriate content. I’d take this cartoon all day every day over most of what else is on television these days.



Backyardigans The Backyardigans are a super cute group of friends that use their imagination to go on wonderful adventures. In one episode they might become pirates, another might be a trip under the sea and another is likely to involve a rocket ship ride to the moon. No matter what, I love this cartoon because it teaches kids to use their imaginations and get creative at playtime. There is a line of books based on the episodes too, so you can always read the stories when TV time is up.



Franklin This cartoon about a turtle and his friends is one of my absolute favorites. Just hearing the theme song takes me back to when I first became a mom. Each episode presents Franklin with a problem or adventure. It teaches kids good relationship skills and entertains in an age appropriate way. There are plenty of Franklin books to read too.

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Arthur You can find Arthur on PBS and it’s so awesome. It’s got animal characters, but they face real life situations that young kids will actually relate too. That might be lost homework, a bully at school or a fight with a best friend. It teaches kids to solve their issues and is fun to watch at the same time.



Clifford Based on the Big Red Dog series, this cartoon features the lovable, but huge Clifford and his owner, Emily Elizabeth. The stories are short enough to engage kids, but long enough that you can cook lunch or go to the bathroom. This cartoon is fun because you can read the same story later in the day.

What cartoons are your kids’ favorites? Mine have mostly outgrown this once loved list, but I just don’t think the cartoons geared for older kids are all that great. What are your thoughts?

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Franklin is totally old. I remember watching it as a kid, and I loved it. Did they do a CGI version? Because the one I remember was cartoon

This list is mom-approved!!!!

Are u sure there is not questionable material on the looney toons?!?!

To me, there's a mean girl in Arthur and Clifford

For the ppl bashing looney toons, Arthur, and Clifford.. Get real! OMG I loooooved those shows! And I have a great relationship with my parents. Never done drugs. Or teased or bullied a kid. Blame the parents! I never saw anything wrong with those show. Love this list! :)

Theam sal amole seam na hai

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