7 of the Most Ridiculous Movie Villains Ever ...


Being one of the most ridiculous movie villains isn’t a flattering title, yet there are so many of them, you’d think there’s some kind of a popularity contest going on that we know nothing about. Like, who can come up with the worst plan in under five minutes or pull of the most diva-ish behavior or die in a really stupid way. All villains fail sooner or later but only some get to fail epically, and if they ever decide to start handing out Oscars in the most ridiculous movie villains category, these guys should definitely get one:

1. Mr. Freeze (Batman and Robin)

Mr. Freeze (Batman and Robin)

I’m not sure what made Arnie accept this role but I’m guessing he was like ”If I could play one of the most legendary heroes, I could definitely do most ridiculous movie villains, yah? “ And the producers were like, “Sure Arnie, knock yourself out! We’ll even pay you 25 million dollars because every movie villain needs to have that air of perpetual constipation about him. And spout ice-related jokes! “ Now, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Freeze is a good comic book villain which is the reason why partial lobotomy should be made available for Batman fans who made a mistake of seeing this.

Zorg (the Fifth Element)