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7 Movies with Sandra Bullock You Have to See ...

By Chelsie

I love watching movies with Sandra Bullock because they never disappoint since she is such a talented actress. Sandra Bullock happens to be one of my favorite actresses, and I am not alone. She is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Her popularity probably stems from both her talent and the fact that she is kind and genuine. There are many movies with Sandra Bullock that you can pick from, but I am going to list a few of my favorites. My guess is you will have seen and enjoyed at least one of the movies on this list.

1 Speed

Speed is the 1994 action film that put Sandra Bullock on the map. This movie may be 20 years old, but the thrilling plot is just as exciting to watch today. Bullock plays Annie Porter who is a passenger on a bus that has been taken hostage. However, she has to take over driving the bus and has to keep it at a speed of 50 mph. The bus will explode if it goes above or below 50 mph! Talk about heart pounding. This is definitely one of the movies with Sandra Bullock you need to see if you are an action fan like I am.

2 While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is a romantic comedy every woman should see at least once. In the movie, Sandra Bullock plays Lucy, a lonely woman who collects train tickets for a living in Chicago. One day, she saves a handsome man who was pushed onto the train tracks from an oncoming train. He is left in a coma, and the family mistakenly comes to believe that Lucy is his fiancée. She doesn’t correct the mistake, and during his coma she becomes close with his family. She becomes especially close with his brother who falls in love with her. Ultimately, she does become a part of the family when she marries one of the brothers. Every time I see this movie, the ending never ceases to make me smile.


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3 Practical Magic

Practical Magic was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. There is whimsy, love, and adventure in this movie about a magical family of women. In the movie, Nicole Kidman plays Gillian the sister of Sally, Bullock’s character. The two sisters are very different, but they share the same problem. Any man they fall in love will die. Sally’s husband, and father of her two daughters, was taken by the curse. However, when Gillian accidentally kills her deadbeat boyfriend, the two set off to end the curse. Fortunately, they do end the curse because Sally finds a new love. The end of this movie is not to be missed because it wraps up all the whimsy in a nice package.

4 Miss Congeniality

I am not embarrassed to admit that Miss Congeniality is my all-time favorite movie and one of the reasons why I love Sandra Bullock as an actress so much. Bullock’s character, Gracie Hart, is a clumsy FBI agent who is rough around the edges. Gracie has to go undercover as a contestant in the Miss United States contest when the FBI receives a domestic terrorist threat against the pageant. I absolutely love the comedic scenes in this movie, but my favorite part has to be Gracie’s transformation into a beauty contestant. It certainly showed the power of makeup and heels. I watch this movie again and again and never tire of it.

5 The Proposal

The Proposal is another romantic comedy that Bullock stars in. This time, she plays Margaret Tate, an executive editor at a book publishing company who is about to be deported to Canada because her work visa expired. To prevent deportation, she convinces her assistant to pretend to be engaged to her. To keep appearances, they have to fly to Alaska where his wealthy family resides and go on with the wedding. Obviously, they fall in love, but the best part of this movie is the comedy. I always find myself laughing so hard in these scenes with the grandmother, who is played by Betty White.

6 The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock won an academy award for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side, and if you have seen the movie you know why. If you have not seen this movie yet, you must make time to watch it. It is a touching movie that is based on the true story of the football star Michael Oher and the family that took him when he was 17 and homeless. Leigh Anne is the strong matriarch of the Tuohy family, and it is her discovery of Michael’s football talent that set off an unbelievable chain of events. In case you didn’t know, Michael is now an NFL football player! It is such an inspiring story. You really must see it.

7 The Heat

The Heat is Sandra Bullock’s newest comedy, and if you have seen the previews you know how funny it looks. Bullock stars opposite Melissa McCarthy as an uptight FBI agent. McCarthy’s relaxed and rough character is the polar opposite, and the dichotomy between the two characters provides a lot of comedic moments. If you haven’t had a chance to see this movie yet, I recommend you rent it as soon as you have the chance.

Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses, and I never miss a movie she has starred in. I like all of her movies, but these are my favorites. The great thing about these movies is there is something for everyone. She has starred in action movies, dramas, comedies, and romantic comedies. What is your favorite Sandra Bullock movie?

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