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7 Movies with Twisted Plots That Will Blow Your Mind ...

By Vladlena

Who doesn’t love movies with twisted plots? They are the ones that keep us on our toes and build up the suspense to some of the best endings ever. While some of them come out of nowhere and make no sense, others finally put the puzzle pieces together and make everything clear. Nonetheless, they cause a jaw-dropping effect and get us talking nonstop. Here are seven movies with twisted plots that we love! Warning: These movie descriptions have spoilers.

1 Shutter Island

One of the best movies with twisted plots is Shutter Island. Most of the movie makes us believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is an investigator who is trying to solve the disappearance of a murderess from the mental hospital. However, in the end we find out that he is a patient there himself. He killed his wife, went crazy and ended up on the Shutter Island. So basically during the whole film he was running around the island like a maniac, pretending to solve a crime while everyone else was playing along with him!

2 Red Riding Hood

We all know the traditional story of the Red Riding Hood, but this movie doesn’t quite follow the same story line. It is set in the medieval village that is haunted by the werewolf and the plot revolves around a young girl who falls in love with a woodcutter. However, there is a lot more depth to this plot, as it turns out the Red Riding Hood is the werewolf herself.


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3 Inception

Inception was one of the biggest movies in the box office when it hit the theaters in 2010. Its popularity was driven by its profound plot and mind-blowing ending, which still baffles people today. Although the whole movie is about a skilled extractor who is offered a chance to get his old life back, the movies gets a lot more trippy when the concept of a dream within a dream comes about. Especially the ending, during which we don’t know whether he is still dreaming or not!

4 Source Code

Source Code is about a soldier who is on a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train but he has to go through with it in a body of an unknown man. Although the plot twist itself doesn’t really make sense, it does shock the audience. It ends up beings that soldier Colton is just a torso and a head wired to a computer system!

5 Fight Club

Fight Club is about an office worker who crosses paths with a soap-selling iconoclast, and together they form an underground fight club. You might think the plot sounds very generic and plain, but there is a major plot twist. Edward Norton's narrator and Tyler Durden end up being the same person, who has a split personality. In the end he has been fighting himself!

6 Safe Haven

Although Safe Haven’s plot twist may not be as important and major to the whole plot as in other movies, it still adds on some spice into the romantic Nicholas Sparks adaptation. The whole twist consists of the fact that Katie’s neighbor and only friend, Jo, is actually a ghost of her now boyfriend’s wife! It turns out that Jo has been searching for someone to be with her husband and son. Although it seems sort of silly, it brings some dimension to the plot.

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7 Orphan

You might remember the movie Orphan about a little family that decides to adopt a child after losing one of their own. As if the movie wasn’t creepy enough by itself with a bloodthirsty orphan, it turns out that the orphan is not a child after all. She is a thirty year-old psychopath with a disorder, who has no problem killing everyone in her way!

While some of the movies can be way too predictable and boring, others give us headaches with deeper plots that we can't quite grasp. Sometimes the plot twists are so crazy that we need to re-watch the whole thing over again to catch all of the hints. Which movies are you going to be re-watching in the near future?

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