7 Movies That Will Make You Forget about Him ...

By Holly

7 Movies That Will Make You Forget about Him ...

When a boy gets you down, all you need to do is watch one of these movies that will make you forget about him. Why dwell on something that makes you cry? If thinking about him upsets you, push him out of your mind. If you're having trouble distracting yourself, turn on one of these movies that will make you forget about him.

1 Brave

Merida is a young girl who doesn't want to dedicate her life to a man. Even though her mother urges her to get married, she refuses to do so. She's a strong, independent character that we could all learn something from. This is one of the movies that will make you forget about him, because it'll show you that you don't need a man. You can survive just fine on your own.

2 Legally Blonde

Men aren't everything. It's important to focus on your career if you want to live a successful life. Reese Witherspoon proves that attractive, fashionable women aren't confined to being sexual objects. They can accomplish anything they set their mind to. "What, like it's hard?"

Embrace the power of cinematic storytelling by enjoying films with simple yet captivating names. Explore this curated list of fascinating one word movie titles, designed especially for women who value compelling narratives and thought-provoking themes. These titles offer a fresh perspective on femininity and the nuances of womanhood, allowing you to embark on memorable viewing experiences from the comfort of your home.

3 The Hunger Games

Although you probably want Katniss to end up with Peta or Gale, this film isn't a love story. It's about a girl learning how to survive. Not only does she manage to keep herself alive, but she inspires thousands of people to stand up for what they believe in. Katniss is a role model for children in the movie, and children in our world. She sets an amazing example for how a woman should take care of herself.

4 The Heat

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up to catch a bad guy in this hysterical action comedy. There are some touching moments between the two women, but no love subplots in sight. You won't even remember your crush's name when you're busy laughing at this quirky duo. They'll make you want to call up your best friends for a girl's night. If possible, you might as well watch it with a group so they can appreciate the humor as well.

5 (500) Days of Summer

If you're having issues with a man, this film will remind you that losing him wouldn't be the end of the world. There's always going to be another guy out there. Even if you think someone is right for you, it doesn't mean that you belong together forever. You'll be upset at first, but you'll get over him one day. Don't worry, because you'll meet plenty of men just as great as the guy you're with now.

6 Shallow Hal

This movie will temporarily make you hate men. Jack Black plays a shallow man who only cares about skinny and beautiful women. However, as the movie progresses, he ends up falling in love with someone who doesn't fit society's typical definition of beauty. In the end, personality triumphs. This film will make you remember that it's what's on the inside that matters the most.

7 Bridesmaids

Even though this story is about an upcoming wedding, it's not focused on the happy couple. It's mostly about friendship and how it can persevere through anything. You might fight with your best friend, but they'll always be there for you. This film will make you appreciate your besties, and will keep you laughing. The cast is composed of only the funniest actresses in Hollywood.

Never let a man ruin your day. If you're ever upset, happiness is just a television screen away. What movie do you put on when you're upset about a boy?

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