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11 90's Movies You Must Watch before You Die ...

By Paula

The 90s was a great decade, and there are so many epic 90's movies you must watch that it's hard to list just a few! The decade that gave us Ghost (that pottery scene!), Flatliners and Jumanji also gave us a whole host of other 90's movies you must watch - so here are 11 that you simply have to see before you die.

1 Ghost (1990)

As if the fact that it won two Oscars wasn't enough, it also stars an incredibly gorgeous young Patrick Swayze, and Demi Moore looks great too. Who could fail to be touched by the romance in the film - the pottery scene has spawned thousands of re-enactments across the globe; it's an iconic 90's movie and definitely deserves top place as one of the 90's movies you must watch before you die!

2 Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)

It might not be the most intelligent movie on the planet, but it was definitely a symbol of 90's slacker humour, and Keanu Reeves looked pretty good in it too. Plus who could fail to love William Sadler as the Grim Reaper?


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3 Flatliners

An all-star cast including Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt and William Baldwin gave this film real credibility when it was released, and the creepy story of medical students experimenting with near-death phenomena will haunt you - it really scared me as a kid!

4 My Girl (1991)

Starring a young Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky, this film was all we talked about at school when it was released. I guess it's more of a family film, but kids will love it!

5 Groundhog Day (1993)

Perhaps one of my favorite Bill Murray movies, Andie MacDowell is great too in this story about a hapless weatherman who finds himself stuck living the same day on repeat. It's such a funny movie and if you haven't seen it, you need to! One of the best films of the 90s.

6 Benny and Joon (1993)

This is one of my favorite Johnny Depp films - it's one not a lot of people have seen! He plays a quirky young man who models himself on Buster Keaton, falling in love with a mentally unstable young woman - it's one of the sweetest love stories and has a great soundtrack too, so check it out!

7 Edward Scissorhands (1990)

One of Johnny Depp's earlier roles, Edward Scissorhands is an example of Tim Burton's genius; the bright, candy colored neighborhood and the contrast of the nightmarish castle where a man with scissors for hands lives - to say more about the plot would spoil it, but it's a must-see 90s movie.

8 Clerks (1994)

I love Kevin Smith, and Clerks is one of my all-time favorite movies! It sounds like a simple plot - a day in the lives of Randal and Dante, two convenience store clerks - and it is, but it works, and it's so funny! It's not just for fans of Kevin Smith either, but if you're getting into his movies it's one of the first you should see!

9 Naked Gun 33 1/3: the Final Insult

Leslie Nielsen - you either love him or hate him. I've always been told that my dad reminds people of him, so I have a certain soft spot for his wacky humor, and this installment in the Naked Gun series is right up there with the best of them, with Frank Drebin coming out of retirement. This always gives me plenty of laughs!

10 Forrest Gump (1994)

I love Tom Hanks, and this touching film is one of my favorites - I'm not going to give anything away about the plot, so you'll need to see it for yourself. Robin Wright and Gary Sinise are in it too - and since I happen to be a huge fan of Gary Sinise, I'm probably rather biased.

11 Dumb and Dumber (1994)

I had to include a Jim Carrey film in here, and I thought it was best to leave Ace Ventura off my list! I loved Dumb and Dumber - the addition of Jeff Daniels as Jim Carrey's (possibly even dumber) friend just made the movie for me. A good film to watch with your friends on a girls night in.

So there you have it, 11 movies from the 90s that everyone should see before they die. There are far too many great 90's movies to list here, so there's bound to be loads I've left off my list. Tell me, what are your favorite movies from the 90s that you think should have made the list?

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