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7 Tv Series about High School That You Will Love ...

By Sabrina

In the past few years, several amazing TV series about high school have been made. These shows are often more relatable to teens than other shows, yet just as fascinating and fun to watch as adult shows. If you're looking for a great TV series about high school, check out the shows on this list and see if you don't love them!

1 Daria
"Daria" is one of my favorite TV series about high school. The MTV cartoon depicts the life of one miserable Daria Morgendorffer. Her cynical outlook on high school culture and the world as a whole is positively hilarious! If you enjoy sarcastic humor, this is the TV show for you!

2 Glee
For musical lovers, "Glee" is a high school TV show you must watch! But even if you generally dislike musicals, you still might enjoy this touching, funny, and brilliantly-cast show. There is someone on "Glee" for everyone to relate to, as it features a diverse cast. While in a sense the show is all about singing, it is also all about building friendships, strengthening and overcoming romantic relationships, being true to yourself, and accepting one another.


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3 The Carrie Diaries
"The Carrie Diaries" is the prequel to "Sex in the City," a series you might have wondered at when you were younger and your mom watched it religiously. Well now, for the younger generation we find an amazing alternative! Carrie Bradshaw is an ambitious teenager who has recently started interning at a Manhattan law firm. However, while in Manhattan, she finds it impossible to resist her dream of working in the fashion industry, and begins secretly working for a magazine! In addition to her out-of-control work life, Carrie has friendships to sustain, a younger sister to look out for, and boy trouble for days! The show is fun and exciting, a must-watch for any teenage girl!

4 Victorious
"Victorious" is one of Nickelodeon's best-made shows in my opinion. The show features the extremely talented Tori Vega who, at the beginning of the show, earns a spot in an L.A. school of the arts. The series then shows her high school experience among an eclectic group of artists—from singers, to musicians, to ventriloquists! Additionally, the show is filled with humorous drama between Tori and her sister, friends, and crush.

5 Boys over Flowers
"Boys Over Flowers" is a Korean drama about a group of four wealthy friends who essentially rule their elite private school, Shinhwa High. When a girl, Geum Jan-di, receives a scholarship to attend the school, the other students greet her with relentless bullying. At first, the four kings of Shingwa High side with their classmates, but eventually they grow sympathetic and take Jan-di under their protection. The show is filled with romance, drama, and even some action! It will surely have you addicted after just one episode!

6 Twisted
So far, "Twisted" has only run for one season, but that single season was intense and unforgettable! The show follows the lives of three childhood friends, one of which has just been release from juvenile hall for murdering his aunt. The alleged killer, Danny, comes back to the small Connecticut town as a total pariah, and his friends must overcome their fear of social suicide to talk to him again. This thrilling show will make you laugh, cry, and wonder at what will happen next!

7 Dance Academy
"Dance Academy" is a brilliant TV show that you will fall in love with after one episode! The show takes place in a prestigious Australian dance academy, where only the best dancers on the continent attend. But you don't have to be a dancer to enjoy this show. Within "Dance Academy," you'll find drama, romance, comedy, an even tragedy, all of which will keep you on the edge of your seat!

There are many more phenomenal shows that take place in high school; these are just a few I consider the best! Which of these TV series are you eager to watch next? Which other TV shows based in high school have you enjoyed?

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