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7 Movie Night Essentials That Will Make You a Blockbuster Host ...

By Alicia

There are certain movie night essentials that will make you a blockbuster host. Having friends over for a movie night is a great way to get together. It is also a cheaper alternative to going out. Be sure to have these movie night essentials at the ready for a great evening.

1 The Latest & Greatest Movies

Of course, you want to have the latest and greatest movies on hand when you host movie night. These are the movie night essentials that you cannot go without. It is a good idea to ask your friends what movies they would like to see most. Try to get a movie that everyone expresses interest in. This will make sure everyone is happy.

2 A Hi-def Television

Don’t despair if you don’t have one of these but survey your options for a television. Maybe you could move one in from another room. If your tv is really old and doesn’t provide the best quality you may want to have a friend bring theirs over. A good quality tv is key to movie night success. Watching a small, poor quality screen isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.

3 Everyone’s Favorite Drinks

This is just a thoughtful little gesture that you can do for your friends. Make sure that you have everyone’s favorite drinks on hand. If you don’t know what they like to drink, ask. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness. It lets them know they matter when you are willing to go out of your way to stock your fridge with their faves.

4 A Variety of Snacks

You can’t have movie night without snacks. It just wouldn’t be a movie night, would it? Go for a variety of snacks so there is something everyone can enjoy. Of course you want to have popcorn and lots of butter for the butter-lovers that may be there. Other good options might include candy and a fruit tray.

5 Pillows and Throws

To keep everyone comfy, place a few throws and pillows on your sofa for them to reach for. Not everyone enjoys the same temperature in a room. If someone is cool, they can simply reach for a throw. If they prefer to sit on the floor, pillows will make it more comfy for them. The only issue you may have here is making them so comfy they fall asleep.

6 Empty Outlets to Charge Their Phones

Let’s admit it. We all do this; check in on our phones or surf the web even when in the middle of a great movie. It’s just part of our culture today; we are used to being connected and multi-tasking. Try to empty a few outlets of other plugs so your friends can charge their phones if they need to. This will mean a lot to them.

7 A Lovely Smelling Candle

This is just a nice touch for any event you host. An hour or so before your guests arrive, light a candle. The fragrance will have time to waft through the rooms so it can be enjoyed when your friends arrive. This sets a welcoming tone for your home when they enter. They may even ask you what wonderful scent your candle is.

These movie night essentials are sure to make you a blockbuster host. What are some movie night essentials you love the most? Share your thoughts and opinions here.

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