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I have to confess, I love 💓 romantic 🌷 movies. They're my guilty pleasure 🍟 and when they're well 👍 done, I think they can be fun, witty, and entertaining. Of course, they don't always have to be awesome 👍 -- I like 💙 a few really bad romances. The point ↪️ is, romantic 💋 movies 🎥 are something that I don't have to think about when I am watching 👀 them, and stalkers, don't you just get sucked into the story line ➖ and start rooting for whichever love 💓 interest you prefer? I do, too! Sometimes, though, our romantic 👫 movies 🎦 make some silly 😛 little mistakes, which we naturally miss 🙎 because we're too into it to pay attention, so I've captured them all right ✅ here!

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The Paint 🎨 Debacle in 10 🔟 Things I Hate 👎 about You

Did you see it? Their overalls? They aren't exactly covered in paint 🎨 by the end 🔚 there. Seriously, this scene is so cute, but you can nevertheless tell it was put together 👫 a bit choppily.


Julia Eats a Shape-shifting Croissant

Did you watch ⌚ this scene close enough? It keeps changing! IT KEEPS CHANGING! I know that the scene was shot 💉 a bunch of different times, but they should've paid attention ⚠️ when they were piecing it together. One 1️⃣ moment it's a croissant, one 1️⃣ moment it's a pancake. Weird!


But Can Such a Small Goof 😋 Ruin the Notebook?

Of course, it can't! If you don't know after watching 👀 the scene, you'll notice that when the camera 🎥 pulls back, they are lying in an entirely different part of the street than when they started. Silly, small mistake but still a mistake!


The Prime Minister's Magic Tie 👔 in Love, Actually

Did you see how the tie 👔 changed? Did you see how the pattern 💠 is different? How even the knot is different? How everything is different? Big 🐛 dots or small? Which one 1️⃣ is it?


And These Magic 🙌 Suspenders from P.S. I Love 💛 You

Watch his suspenders, just watch 📺 them. You'll see something different every single time 🕡 the camera 🎥 focuses in on 🔘 him. They are a different color, they are in a different place, they're on, and then they're off.

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Maybe Hugh Grant's Magic, Actually

One minute he has orange 🍊 juice 🍅 on 🔘 his shirt, the next minute, he doesn't. Which one 1️⃣ is it? No, seriously, which one 1️⃣ is it? Who knows! This is such a tiny mistake, but it's an ever-so-slightly annoying one.


This Magic 🙌 Raccoon in Bambi

Okay, Bambi isn't exactly a romantic 💋 movie, but it's Disney and becoming twitterpated is a pretty big 🐛 plot 📉 point, so I'm counting it. That being said, do you see it? That little baby 🍼 raccoon? It just appears out of nowhere. Seriously. Nowhere. Apparently, this has been fixed now, but in the earlier versions, it did just appear out of nowhere.


It's Okay, Cher's Passenger Side Mirror is Fine, You Guys

Watch Cher's mirror. Seriously. Watch ⌚ it. One 1️⃣ minute it is torn off, the next it is completely and utterly fine. Seriously, take 🎬 a look 💇 at it. By the way, how cute 💟 is this movie? Little Paul Rudd. Love 💝 it!


But That's Not Pi...

You know, the correct 💯 digits should actually be used for Pi. Do you know what all of them are? The sign ➰ for the bake sale 🈹 is completely and utterly wrong, that's not pi at all!


Definitely No 🙅 Mic Packs during the Civil War...

Ohhhh, there shouldn't be a microphone 🎤 battery 🔋 pack visible in the Civil War. It is visible in the boot 👢 of one 1️⃣ of the soldiers and truthfully, it's pretty apparent, but it's still a small mistake -- we can give them a break, right?


The Disappearing Detritus in You've Got Mail

Where did all of those tissues go? They were on 🔛 the table and now they are gone! Did she clean 🚿 them up? Where did they go? Well, there's precedent for pockets full 🈵 of used tissues here, so I can forgive them. This movie 🎥 is amazing, after all.

So, now that you know all about the mistakes, do you still love 💖 the movies? I know that I do! They are all adorable 💟 and really, the mistakes don't make the movies 🎥 any less entertaining 😄 -- many of these little goofs actually make the films more endearing, in my opinion. What's your favorite romantic 🌷 movie? Did you spot any mistakes?

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