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11 Silly Mistakes in Our Favorite Romantic Movies ...

By Lyndsie

I have to confess, I love 💓 romantic 🌷 movies. They're my guilty pleasure 🍟 and when they're well 👍 done, I think they can be fun, witty, and entertaining. Of course, they don't always have to be awesome 👍 -- I like 💙 a few really bad romances. The point ↪️ is, romantic 💋 movies 🎥 are something that I don't have to think about when I am watching 👀 them, and stalkers, don't you just get sucked into the story line ➖ and start rooting for whichever love 💓 interest you prefer? I do, too! Sometimes, though, our romantic 👫 movies 🎦 make some silly 😛 little mistakes, which we naturally miss 🙎 because we're too into it to pay attention, so I've captured them all right ✅ here!

1 The Paint 🎨 Debacle in 10 🔟 Things I Hate 👎 about You

Did you see it? Their overalls? They aren't exactly covered in paint 🎨 by the end 🔚 there. Seriously, this scene is so cute, but you can nevertheless tell it was put together 👫 a bit choppily.

2 Julia Eats a Shape-shifting Croissant

Did you watch ⌚ this scene close enough? It keeps changing! IT KEEPS CHANGING! I know that the scene was shot 💉 a bunch of different times, but they should've paid attention ⚠️ when they were piecing it together. One 1️⃣ moment it's a croissant, one 1️⃣ moment it's a pancake. Weird!

3 But Can Such a Small Goof 😋 Ruin the Notebook?

Of course, it can't! If you don't know after watching 👀 the scene, you'll notice that when the camera 🎥 pulls back, they are lying in an entirely different part of the street than when they started. Silly, small mistake but still a mistake!

4 The Prime Minister's Magic Tie 👔 in Love, Actually

Did you see how the tie 👔 changed? Did you see how the pattern 💠 is different? How even the knot is different? How everything is different? Big 🐛 dots or small? Which one 1️⃣ is it?

5 And These Magic 🙌 Suspenders from P.S. I Love 💛 You

Watch his suspenders, just watch 📺 them. You'll see something different every single time 🕡 the camera 🎥 focuses in on 🔘 him. They are a different color, they are in a different place, they're on, and then they're off.

6 Maybe Hugh Grant's Magic, Actually

One minute he has orange 🍊 juice 🍅 on 🔘 his shirt, the next minute, he doesn't. Which one 1️⃣ is it? No, seriously, which one 1️⃣ is it? Who knows! This is such a tiny mistake, but it's an ever-so-slightly annoying one.

7 This Magic 🙌 Raccoon in Bambi

Okay, Bambi isn't exactly a romantic 💋 movie, but it's Disney and becoming twitterpated is a pretty big 🐛 plot 📉 point, so I'm counting it. That being said, do you see it? That little baby 🍼 raccoon? It just appears out of nowhere. Seriously. Nowhere. Apparently, this has been fixed now, but in the earlier versions, it did just appear out of nowhere.

8 It's Okay, Cher's Passenger Side Mirror is Fine, You Guys

Watch Cher's mirror. Seriously. Watch ⌚ it. One 1️⃣ minute it is torn off, the next it is completely and utterly fine. Seriously, take 🎬 a look 💇 at it. By the way, how cute 💟 is this movie? Little Paul Rudd. Love 💝 it!

9 But That's Not Pi...

You know, the correct 💯 digits should actually be used for Pi. Do you know what all of them are? The sign ➰ for the bake sale 🈹 is completely and utterly wrong, that's not pi at all!

10 Definitely No 🙅 Mic Packs during the Civil War...

Ohhhh, there shouldn't be a microphone 🎤 battery 🔋 pack visible in the Civil War. It is visible in the boot 👢 of one 1️⃣ of the soldiers and truthfully, it's pretty apparent, but it's still a small mistake -- we can give them a break, right?

11 The Disappearing Detritus in You've Got Mail

Where did all of those tissues go? They were on 🔛 the table and now they are gone! Did she clean 🚿 them up? Where did they go? Well, there's precedent for pockets full 🈵 of used tissues here, so I can forgive them. This movie 🎥 is amazing, after all.

So, now that you know all about the mistakes, do you still love 💖 the movies? I know that I do! They are all adorable 💟 and really, the mistakes don't make the movies 🎥 any less entertaining 😄 -- many of these little goofs actually make the films more endearing, in my opinion. What's your favorite romantic 🌷 movie? Did you spot any mistakes?

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