7 Best Supernatural Episodes to Get Your Spook on ...


It's hard to pick the best Supernatural episodes when there are so many great ones to choose from. There are funny episodes, scary episodes, sad episodes, and so many more that it's just incredibly hard to pick only a few. Yet, that's the task at hand here so let's take a look at some of the best Supernatural episodes to date.

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Mystery Spot

I know the title says "to get your spook on," but this really is one of the best Supernatural episodes. The theme of the show doesn't lend itself to many comedic episodes, but when they have one they sure do it right. In this episode Dean keeps dying over and over and Sam can't do anything to stop it. Dean doesn't even remember dying or the fact that he's lived the day several hundred times; it's funny, but a little heart wrenching to watch Sam deal with it.


Swan Song

There's not much that can be said spoiler free about this episode, but it does have to do with the apocalypse, the devil, and a few angels. If you watch the show a lot, then you know how vague that description is. It's an amazing episode with flawless acting and writing, but if you're going to watch it you need to make sure you have a box of tissues, or two, near you.


No Rest for the Wicked

This is the season three finale and boy does it feel like a punch in the gut. You're left wondering how they're going to get out of the situation they're in and you feel so much brotherly love that you can't even handle it. It's definitely an episode that made me flinch a few times and it leaves you realizing that you've been holding your breath for quite some time.


Jus in Bello

This is an extremely suspenseful episode that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The episode takes place in a jail where Sam and Dean are being held while the FBI comes to pick them up. You are left trying to figure out how they'll get out of this mess and then it somehow gets worse. The leader of a demon army comes with the goal to kill Sam and Dean. The episode is made to keep you in suspense and might make you yell at the screen.


In the Beginning

This is a great episode that gives so much insight into the life of Sam and Dean. Dean gets sent back to the '70s and meets his parents, long before they were ever married. He doesn't know why he is there or what he is supposed to do, but as he's trying to figure it out he learns a lot about his family history. He learns when his family started hunting supernatural beings, as well as a lot about his parents. It's a really great episode that gives a lot of awesome information.


Changing Channels

If you want to laugh, this is another episode to watch. I didn't always watch this show, but I caught this episode on TV one day and I was hooked. Of course I didn't realize that this comedy wasn't a constant thing in the show, but it's so refreshing to have an episode that makes you laugh. In Changing Channels, Sam and Dean somehow start to travel through different TV shows and have to figure out how to escape. Get ready to laugh!


Abandon All Hope

I love any episode with Jo! There aren't that many female characters on Supernatural and so it's always really exciting when they feature some totally awesome women. This episode doesn't just feature Jo and her mother, Ellen, but these totally kick-butt women save Sam and Dean from certain death. Unfortunately it's also quite the tear-jerker episode, but it's still really great.

There are so many more that could fill this list and everyone has their own favorites, so all of our lists would be different. Do you disagree with any of these? What would you have put on your list? What's your favorite episode?

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yellow fever was epic xpp but yea changing channels was amazing!!

Because of mystery spot every Tuesday my alarm is "Heat of the Moment"! My mom watches the show to and one day she woke up kind of early and she says "Is it Tuesday again Samm?y" It was great!

I love Supernatural! It has some really hilarious episodes like the one where they're actors, and yellow fever and the dog one, I love this show

I like the episode where Sam and Dean are on the set of Supernatural

Literally the best show ever

Caged Heat, Yellow Fever and The French Mistake are my all time favourites.

"Yellow Fever" was a funny episode. It has made my top list. Where Dean is scared of everything and that cat is in the locker.. "Ahhhhhhh that was scary!" Gets me every time.

Dog dean afternoon from the ninth season..

Yellow Fever all the way!! I also kept rewinding during the cat scream!

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