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For a long time, I refused to watch anime because I thought it was something only geeks watched, and honestly couldn’t think of any reasons to watch anime. Then one day, my friend introduced me to anime and, to make a long story short, we stayed up past 3:00 am finishing the series! That day I fell in love with the Japanese treasure trove of TV shows, and found that there were countless reasons to watch anime. So if you’ve yet to give anime a shot, here are the reasons why you should.

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Good for All Ages

This is one of the key reasons to watch anime - it’s great for all ages! Anime is rated just like American television: TV-G, TV-14 and TV-MA. I initially thought that anime was made just for little kids, like the majority of our cartoons, but anime is created to appeal to all age groups. So whether you’re eight or eighty-five, you may still fall in love with anime!


It’s Hilarious

The funniest shows I’ve ever watched were anime. I love American shows, but I think Japanese producers are just in better touch with their funny bones. There are so many hilarious anime series that I could not list them all if I tried! Netflix and Hulu both have a great selection of comedic anime, so try both if you want to discover some amazing and hilarious anime!


It’s Dramatic

Anime isn’t just for those of us looking for a good laugh; anime series also have their element of drama. Whether an anime series is science fiction, comedy, romance, or action, you can anticipate many dramatic twists and turns as the plot marches on! Anime can be just as suspenseful and shocking as Western series, which is just another reason to watch and love anime!


It Isn’t Just for Geeks

Like I said, there was a time when I thought anime was reserved for the clique of geeks at my school. But I soon discovered that anime fans are as varied as fans of American TV shows! Don’t be hesitant to watch anime because you think your friends and family will mock you. I cannot stress how great anime is and you will be missing out if you refuse to watch because of peer pressure! So give anime a try, and you won’t regret it!


Most Anime Have Corresponding Books

Anime is often the televised version of books called manga, which are basically Japanese comics. Many anime shows run only for a season or two, but thankfully are continued in these books! Many manga have been translated into English, and can be found easily in your local library or book store.


Short Seasons

I’ve refused to watch some shows like Supernatural and Doctor Who simply because I can’t imagine ever catching up to the current season. But this isn’t an issue I’ve ever had with anime. Since many anime series are only between 13 and 26 episodes, you can finish them off quickly! But there is still a wide variety of anime, so if you’re binging on Netflix one day, you’re sure to find a few lengthy anime series.


Learn about Japanese Culture

Before I began watching anime and reading manga, I knew next to nothing about Japanese culture. That’s why unlike Spongebob, Japanese cartoons are actually educational-at least for their non-Japanese audience. I’ve learned so much about Japanese culture and language since I began watching anime, and it sparked an interest in Japan I never knew I had! Now I admire Japan so much, and have a dream of someday traveling there. What will you learn when you begin watching anime?


Anime offers a fascinating window into a world where traditional and modern mix in unique ways—from the deeply spiritual Shinto traditions and the intricacies of the tea ceremony to the fast-paced life in Tokyo. The respect for nature, the importance of harmony and politeness, and the celebration of seasons are just snippets of what can be learned. It’s like a series of mini cultural lessons wrapped in engaging storylines. Whether it's learning the significance of cherry blossom season or understanding the subtleties of Japanese humor, every episode can be an enlightening experience that broadens your horizons and enriches your appreciation for a beautifully complex culture.


Anime Community

The anime community is full of amazing anime admirers! When I meet someone who loves anime as much as I do, I instantly know I’m forging a friendship that will last a long time. Since anime still isn’t wildly popular outside of Japan, the anime community is pretty intimate. That means that when you find a fellow anime fan, you’ll feel as though you’ve found a diamond in the rough and have a friendship form instantly!


Lovable Characters

Last but certainly not least are the characters who make anime the brilliant art that it is. Despite their big eyes and sharp features, anime characters are remarkably realistic and relatable. When I first began watching anime, what made it so difficult to stop were the lovable characters. Characters are what can take a show from all right to incredible, and the masterminds behind most anime characters certainly know how to take a show to that next level!

There you have it! Nine brilliant reasons to start watching anime now! If you’re now considering searching for a great anime series, which one of these reasons made you decide to? And if you’re already a fan, what do you love so much about anime?

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@Katey: Fushigi Yuugi!! It's rated mature but it's soooo amazing!!

I hate when people think anime is only for nerds! Haha. I started watching anime when I was 7 just because my big brother did it (I wanted to spend time with him). I'm not a huge anime fan but I've watched and fallen in love with 7 series over the years :) And when I was 12 and discovered that I loved writing, anime fanfiction is where I started ! Great stepping stone

I love anime, manga, Korean drama, Korean & Japanese movies, K-pop & a whole lot of Asian stuffs.

anime is perfection. I love it ?

Sailor Moon introduced me to anime when i was 5 and it's made me fall in love with Japan - i went there once and have to go again sometime!


I love anime very much, but some of the longest series I've watched were anime. One Piece is over 760 chapters :O

Anyone know of any good anime shows on netflix

Oh my goodness I'm showing this to everyone! They never really seem to understand my love for anime (especially Japanese)

oh wow ?_? I love anime

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