7 Classic Lifetime Movies That Every Girl Should See at Least Once in Her Life ...


Alright girls, admit it, sometimes there is nothing like watching a line of classic Lifetime movies on a Sunday afternoon to indulge your inner female. Drama, suspense, love and often true stories fill the screen in these cheesy, sometimes trashy, yet also teachable, films. I remember watching several of these classic Lifetime movies when I was young and I have to say, many affected me in some positive ways. I learned a few life lessons from them, and enjoyed watching them with my mom on a Sunday afternoon during my teens and early adulthood. If you’re looking for some of the most classic Lifetime movies every gal should see once in here life, here are my picks! I’ve also included links of the full movies or the trailers if you haven’t ever seen them, so you can be sure to catch up. Be sure to tell me yours if you have any too!

1. When Friendship Kills ( a Secret between Friends)

One of the first movies I ever saw on Lifetime is also one of the most classic Lifetime movies of all time, specifically about eating disorders between friends. “When Friendship Kills”, which was previously known as “A Secret Between Friends”, is a 90’s Lifetime film that depicts the lives of Lexi and Jennifer, two friends who meet at school and play volleyball together. They start a simple diet together that leads to two separate, yet equally dangerous, eating disorders where one results in a tragic death. I won’t reveal who makes it to the end of this heartbreaking tragedy, but in the end, the surviving friend learns many things about love, recovery, herself and what true friendship really is. This movie had quite an effect on me early on, and it was always one of my favorites.

Mother May I Sleep with Danger
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