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9 Captivating Benedict Cumberbatch Projects That Are Awe-Inducing ...

By Cassandra

I have found myself in awe of the amount of exquisite Benedict Cumberbatch projects. I wholeheartedly stand by the statement that he is one of the most brilliant actors on the scene today. It is no surprise that Benedict Cumberbatch has starred in a series of shows and movies that have managed to both enthrall and captivate audiences worldwide. These Benedict Cumberbatch projects deserve to be honored as they constantly shine in their own right.

1 “Parade's End"

Based on a series of novels by Ford Madox Ford, mini-series "Parade's End" is one of the most intriguing Benedict Cumberbatch projects. It centers around a love triangle involving the characters Sylvia Tietjens and Valentine Wannop, portrayed by Rebecca Hall and Adelaide Clemens, respectively. Set during World War I, the overall concept of this series is intriguing as it aims to explore how the weight of one's responsibilities and commitment (to a war and a marital partner) can affect someone.

2 “Sherlock”

As a certified fan of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, BBC's "Sherlock" is my top show to watch. Focusing on the adventures of the dynamic crime-solving duo Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, this mini-series seeks to revamp the overall premise of the books it is based on by incorporating a modern element. Lovers of the brilliant novels, as well as newcomers, will be sure to appreciate the ambiance the show gives off as it is set in present day London.

3 “Stuart: a Life Backwards”

This film features the incredibly talented Tom Hardy, known for his work in mainstream movies such as "Inception" and "The Dark Knight Rises." As the first film that I ever saw starring Benedict Cumberbatch, I have to admit that I was impressed by his incredible onscreen presence. This movie focuses on the life of a homeless man named Stuart (played by Tom Hardy) and his friendship with writer Alexander Masters (played by Benedict Cumberbatch).

4 Hawking

This BBC film serves as the biographical depiction of the life of Stephen Hawking, English author and theoretical physicist. Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Hawking during his beginning days as a Cambridge University student. The pace at which this story moves, as well as the depth it achieves, is astounding.

5 “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" brings Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch to work together again on the set of this spy film. Adapted from the novel by John le Carré, it is set during the 1970s and focuses on the chase for a Soviet spy. With an intricate plot, the movie is just as promising as the novel it is based on.

6 “Star Trek into Darkness"

I loved this movie so much that I ended up watching it numerous times during its run at the theatre. "Star Trek Into Darkness" serves as the sequel for 2009's "Star Trek." The premise of this film revolves around the main gang trying to figure out the culprit behind the infiltration of the Enterprise. Despite my vague paraphrase of the plot (as I do not want to spoil the main points of the film), I will say that "Star Trek Into Darkness" is sure to keep you on your toes with its many plot twists.

7 Atonement

As the film adaptation of British author Ian McEwan's romance novel featuring the same title, the premise of "Atonement" is utterly heartbreaking yet intriguing at the same time. The character of Briony Tallis is at the center of this film's overall plot as she falsely accuses a man of committing an unspeakable crime. While Ben appears in a supporting role, playing Paul Marshall, I definitely recommend this film.

8 Van Gogh: Painted with Words

I am a huge fan of critically acclaimed artist Vincent Van Gogh. When I heard that Benedict Cumberbatch was starring as the beloved painter, I knew that I had to see this made-for-TV film. I was utterly moved by the raw image that he presents of the often troubled man. The most interesting thing to note is that some of the dialogue features actual words spoken by the brilliant artist.

9 War Horse

Lastly, Benedict Cumberbatch's depiction of Major Jamie Stewart is astonishing, making this film produced by Steven Spielberg one to look out for. Also starring the amazing Tom Hiddleston, "War Horse" follows a man and his beloved horse and the events that take place after they are separated by a raging war.

There are many other projects featuring Benedict Cumberbatch that have managed to gain public interest. I believe that this feat revolves around the fact that he is such an incredible actor who is certainly capable of portraying a diverse emotional range in regard to each of his characters. I am always on a search for more films so your input is most definitely appreciated! What are some of your favorite movies featuring this brilliant British actor?

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