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7 Chick Flicks I Never Get Tired of Watching ...

By Alicia

I have a confession; there are some chick flicks I never get tired of watching no matter how many times I have seen them. After all, what is not to love about good chick flicks? A chick flick has elements of comedy, the deeply devoted love we all dream of having and a lot of fun, feel good moments. I often turn on one of the chick flicks I never get tired of watching when I am just hanging at home, cleaning or doing my thing.

1 Sweet Home Alabama

I have a confession. Sweet Home Alabama was the movie my husband and I watched on our first date so I naturally have a special spot for this film. But beyond that, who wouldn’t love this movie? It has all an awesome mix of chemistry between Melanie and Jake, laughs, admirable style and even a perfect scene in the rain to top it off. Push this to the top of your must see list and you will see why it tops my list of chick flicks I never get tired of watching.

2 The Notebook

The Notebook is the movie to end all other love stories. If you have not seen it yet, you must rent it, buy it or somehow get your hands on it - today! The Notebook is the story of Allie and Noah, who are looking back on their lifelong love story which began in the 1940s. I love the vintage setting and clothing in this movie. And the love story will absolutely touch your heart in a way you will never forget. Have a box of tissues nearby.


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Spin off movies

3 The Holiday

What is it about this movie that I love? I am really not quite sure but I cannot go any further if I see it on television. It pulls me in with the storyline of house swapping across the ocean between two women who are exiting bad relationships. I love watching them fall in love and rediscover romance once again. And the charm of seeing the UK is a very alluring factor.

4 Life as We Know It

This movie is about a couple, Holly and Eric who have mutual best friends that die suddenly, leaving their baby, Sophie, in their care and custody. Holly and Eric have always rubbed each other wrong and they suddenly find themselves raising a baby together. They are both mourning the loss of their best friend and know nothing about raising a child. Eventually, you guessed it; these opposites attract and love blooms. Another reason I love this movie is Katherine Heigl is the leading actress and I adore watching her in films.

5 This is 40

Another actress I enjoy watching is Leslie Mann. Besides how wonderfully she plays her part, I always enjoy sitting and wondering how she keeps that teeny, tiny figure. She plays opposite funny guy Paul Rudd in this movie where a married couple faces the realities of keeping love alive in the midst of raising children and getting older. There are many hilarious moments to keep you laughing and a sweet love story along with it. This one is not to miss, too.

6 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Who doesn’t love this movie? It is the story of a woman, Toula, who is a little late in blooming into a feminine woman. Her family is very, very Greek meaning they expect her to marry a Greek man and have little Greek babies. This does not go according to plan when she meets and falls in love with a man who is definitely not Greek. Her new love goes to great lengths to make her family accept him.

7 The Vow

The Vow is a movie that is nothing short of fabulous. It is based on the true story of a couple who were in a car wreck and the woman woke up with amnesia. She never recovered the memories of several years of her life, including the years that she met and fell in love with her husband. Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams star as Leo and Paige and their chemistry sizzles. Your heart will absolutely break when you see the love Leo has for his wife.

I love each of these movies so much. What are some of your favorites? What movies do you watch over and over?

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