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7 Movies about Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology ...

By Neecey

So here’s the next and last installment about the film industry’s take on ancient civilizations with some of my favorite movies about Ancient Greece. This is such an enduring subject with high profile and blockbusting movies about Ancient Greece still rolling out in cinemas in the most recent months. It’s also a subject that appeals to all – from Disney fans to the most macho of macho men. If you’re up for some action, adventure, myth and legend, romance and heartbreak, you’ll love these movies about Ancient Greece.

1 The Clash of the Titans

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I’m sorry if this upsets fans of the more recent version, but I have to pick the original Clash of the Titans that was made in 1981. I like that the newer version has a sequel (and maybe more to come?) but this was one of the greatest movies about Ancient Greece when it first came out and it remains so. The effects that seem so basic now were so amazing back then. Both versions have an epic star-studded cast, but I still think Harry Hamlin makes a more believable Perseus than Sam Worthington.

2 300

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Retelling the story of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, 300 is an epic portrayal of blood and gore and action aplenty with more than a good dose of political intrigue thrown in. Gerard Butler (hmm nice bod!) as King Leonidas leads 300 of his Spartan soldiers into battle against the massive Persian army, said to number 30,000. It’s a fictionalized tale of the real battle that paved the way for the next one – the Battle of Plataea – which ended the Persian attempt to invade and conquer Greece.

3 Alexander the Great

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I make no apologies for picking this version over the more recent Alexander. Richard Burton’s portrayal of the legendary Macedonian king and conqueror blows Colin Farrell’s performance out of the water. I don’t think anyone has ever mastered the art of strutting and being filled with a sense of self importance better than the late great Richard Burton (RIP). Movies about Ancient Greece should be magnificent tales of heroes and this doesn’t disappoint. Alexander conquered most of the then known world, was undefeated in battle and died at the age of 33.

4 Hercules

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Greek mythology gets the Disney treatment with this fun, animated take on the legend of Hercules. Disney is a great way to enjoy movies about Greek mythology without things getting too heavy and mystical. If you like your history and mythology to come with a big helping of laughter, this one is definitely for you.

5 Time Bandits

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With more than a touch of Pythonesque madcap and often surreal humor – no surprise as it is written by Python team member, Terry Gilliam – Time Bandits is a fantastical romp through Ancient Greece. But, let’s not forget this is from the Python stable so you get Napoleon and Robin Hood thrown in too. Join Kevin and a band of crazy dwarves as they set off on a journey with a map stolen from the Supreme Being to meet up with King Agamemnon to defeat the Minotaur among other adventures. Just great fun!

6 Jason and the Argonauts

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This was arguably the daddy of all movies about Ancient Greece until – well I’ll save that till last – came along. All hail to Ray Harryhausen (RIP) for his incredible stop-motion animation that left movie audiences totally awed and breathless back in 1963. Seriously, watch this movie and put yourself back in the audience back when it was first released and understand how mind blowing these effects were as they tell the story of Jason and his quest to find the Golden Fleece.

7 Troy

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Well, I did say I’d save the new daddy of movies about Ancient Greece until last! The Trojan Horse is probably one of the most well known stories ever and its telling deserved a good cast to do it justice. But lucky us – we didn’t just get a good cast. In Troy, we see possibly one of the greatest ensemble – and best looking – casts ever put together. For nearly 3 hours, we can gaze upon the magnificence of Pitt, Bana, Bloom and Bean as the epic drama unfolds. When a story is this good and it is played out so well, you can never get bored of it.

Own up! Do you love movies about Ancient Greece as much as I do? Which of your favorites have I not included?

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