7 Unintentionally Hilarious Movies That Will Have You Cracking up ...


7 Unintentionally Hilarious Movies That Will Have You Cracking up ...
7 Unintentionally Hilarious Movies That Will Have You Cracking up ...

In the celluloid universe of drama, horror, westerns and musicals, sometimes feature films fail to hit the mark and are hailed as unintentionally hilarious movies. No matter what the genre, or who holds top billing as the lead role, there are certain flicks that are just so terribly written, so dreadfully directed or so awfully acted...they’re good. And of course, by good, I mean to say that these unintentionally hilarious movies are so bad, it’s riotously entertaining in a good way. So grab some microwave popcorn and put on one of these so-bad-they’re-good movies for a laugh.

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Mommie Dearest

This 1981 drama centered on the biographical account of screen actress Joan Crawford (played without reserve by the lovely Faye Dunaway), is a personal look into an emotionally unstable and physically abusive lush with undeniable talent. As told through the eyes of her adopted children, who bore the brunt of Crawford’s sudden bursts of inexplicable rage, this drama quickly unravels to Lifetime movie caliber. The rantings and ravings of Dunaway’s depiction of Crawford border on the unreal. A case in point example would be the classic Faye freakout moment, where she bursts into her fictional daughter’s bedroom and screams “No wire hangers ever!” a line which permanently places this as one of the top unintentionally hilarious movies of all time.


Plan 9 from Outer Space

This 1959 science fiction disaster might possibly be the worst movie of all time. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a riot to watch. Quite the contrary, in fact. Director Ed Wood was always known as b-movie royalty with cheaply made shlock that entertained audiences with nonsensical plots and subpar acting, and Plan 9 From Outer Space is the crown jewel of his collection. There’s an obvious delay in the audio track, scene transitions that jump from day to night and back to day again, stock footage of a recently deceased Bela Lugosi and aliens that had supposedly masterminded the rise of zombie-vampires for...well we’re not quite sure exactly.


The Room

Where do I even begin with The Room? Well for starters, the title has absolutely no relevance to the story, a story written by, directed by and starring the mysterious Tommy Wiseau, who insists he is American-born despite a nearly undecipherable accent. The plot is simple enough for a thirty minute soap opera, yet repetitively stretched to 99 minutes, with recycled sex scenes, long panning shots of the Golden Gate bridge and scenes that don’t even seem to fit a gag reel. And don’t let that voice-over on the end of the trailer fool you. It wasn’t until this box office bomb was critically shunned that Tommy Wiseau changed his drama into a “quirky black comedy.” That voice-over was added long after the movie was released. This so-bad-it’s-good film now has such a cult following, you can likely find the occasional interactive midnight showing.


Vampire’s Kiss

In this fantasy-horror-comedy, viewers are left wondering what is real and what are the hallucinations of a madman. But when that madman is portrayed by Nicholas Cage, it really makes no difference. In Vampire’s Kiss, wealthy publishing executive Peter Loew is seduced and bitten by a vampire...or at least he thinks he was. What results is a hilarious mental breakdown that only Nick Cage can deliver. Cheap novelty vampire fangs, a makeshift coffin in the living room and the rambling lunacy of a would-be vampire in what could only be a faux-Shakespearean accent are just a small sampling of what makes this movie pee-your-pants funny. If you can find this 1988 gem on DVD, buy it immediately. You’ll want to relive the hilarity again and again. Trust me.



This made-for-TV movie debuted to a surprisingly large audience in July of 2013. What followed was a tidal wave of media coverage, Twitter trends and science fiction fans who were finally glad to have the public accept what they already knew: bad science fiction programming is hilarious. The SyFy network has finally embraced their awful rotation of b-list stars, the recycled CGI effects from all of those mutated shark movies and the plot so ridiculous that millions of viewers tuned in to watch. Long story short, a freak weather pattern sucks up the sharks of the sea and spews them at buildings, helicopters and the side streets of Los Angeles. That’s plausible, right? Frenzied sharks in a whirlwind attack everyone in sight. Hilarity ensues.


Mac and Me

This family movie seemed awfully familiar when it premiered in 1988. Perhaps that’s because MAC (aka, Mysterious Alien Creature) was a blatant ripoff of the hugely successful E.T. But all homage aside, Mac and Me at its best was a value meal version of a classic fantasy movie. At worst it was corporate advertising marketed directly to children. There’s even an inexplicable dance number in the middle of a McDonalds restaurant. Even for the '80s, this is highly suspect. It all seems very wrong. Maybe it’s the ridiculous product placement, but certain scenes had me busting a gut.


Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

This police-gone-bad drama had a promising premise. A recently promoted New Orleans officer becomes addicted to painkillers and other narcotics following an injury rescuing a prisoner post-Hurricane Katrina. The newly minted lieutenant is then assigned to a complex murder case and things...well they get a little nuts. Well, that’s mostly because Nicholas Cage is at the helm. And Nicholas Cage’s drug-fueled freakouts are some of the best in cinematic history. I know Nick has been featured in two of the seven unintentionally hilarious movies on the list, but what can I say? The man has a talent for making me laugh during what are meant to be dramatic scenes.

It’s quite rare to find a film so terrible that it bridges the divide between a bad movie and a bad movie so God-awful that it’s unintentionally hilarious. But when you do find a movie that fits the bill for its outlandish plot, ridiculous dialogue or overacted performance deserving of a Razzie award, laugh it up and enjoy. What movies make your list for their unintentional hilarity?

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Great idea for an article!

LOL @ Sharknado..❤️ it! My sister and I always say how much nicer Joan Crawford was compared to our mother every time we watch Mommy Dearest!

My first thought was "if Sharknado isn't on the list I will cry tears of blood."


The Stupids with Tom Arnold and Roseanne Bar

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