7 Fashionable TV Shows Every Fashionista Needs to Be Watching ...

While few TV shows are dedicated solely to fashion, there are some great fashionable TV shows out there that feature great costumes, fashion inspiration, and a look behind the scenes of our favorite clothes. The best shows that feature fashion have high-end label designers and feature a variety of styles. No matter if you are preppy, boho, or chic, you can take some inspiration from these fashionable TV shows that every fashionista needs to be watching.

1. Project Runway

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A show about aspiring fashion designers is bound to be one of the most fashionable TV shows. It brings together designers with all different styles to compete to be the next big name in fashion. It not only gives fashionistas a chance to see how their favorite high fashion clothes come together, but it also features the hottest names in fashion such as Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, and Heidi Klum.

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