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Disney’s “The Princess And The Frog” takes place in the heart of New Orleans. It’s rich in culture and alive with Tiana’s unrelenting and ambitious spirit. It may not have had the same ripple affect as Disney’s recent film “Frozen,” but I find it engaging, entertaining and exceptional. Here are some fun facts about “The Princess And The Frog” that may be new to you.

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Leah Chase

“The Princess And The Frog” initially told a different story of a chambermaid in New Orleans but was revised after public criticism. Tiana’s story is immensely inspired by the life of Leah Chase. Chase is a highly-respected, African American chef in New Orleans. She is known as the Queen of Creole Cuisine. Chase even contributed recipes to “Tiana’s Cookbook” that was released after the film.



Tiana, like Princess Jasmine, wears a lot of clothes. Most Disney Princesses don’t seem to have quite the wardrobe that Tiana does. She wears two different work outfits, outer-wear like her green coat, two costumes for the masquerade ball, imaginary clothes at ‘Tiana’s Place,’ her wedding dress AND an actual outfit for ‘Tiana’s Place‘ at the end of the movie. Boy is that a lot! She’s one well-dressed princess, let me say that much. She wears a total of 11 outfits in the film.


The Economy

Tiana didn’t go to college but she is the only Disney Princess with an actual job that makes money. She works hard and it’s paid off. It’s given her an awareness of the economy and how to run a business. Can you imagine Sleeping Beauty trying to do the same thing? She wouldn’t be able to. Some critics argue that Mulan actually was the first working princess, considering she worked for the Chinese army, but she was not paid. What's more, the fact that she doesn't trust banks and keeps her money in jars seems ironic considering the Great Depression occured only a few years later.



Tiana is the only Disney princess to come in physical contact with automobiles. The story takes place in recent history so this invention is new. Well, unless you count the millisecond that Merida saw the witch carving a Pizza Planet truck in “Brave.” Apart from that, Tiana is the most modern princess with a relatable story. Well, to an extent.


Defy the Odds

There is a quote that I love to death and it goes, “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” I find that quote very inspiring when it comes to defying the odds. Tiana has worked her entire life to open her own restaurant and won’t let anyone stop her. Mr. Fenner makes a comment that a women of her background wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of such an establishment. Tiana doesn’t let that stop her. Sure, her understanding of work and relationships evolve during the film but her determination keeps her going. Now that’s a revolutionary princess that knows how to take charge of her own life.


Best Friend

Sure, you may love the cute and cuddly critters who play the best friend in various Disney films. Take, for example, Pascul in “Tangled,” Mushu in “Mulan” or the mice friends of "Cinderella". However, an interesting fun fact about “The Princess And The Frog” is that Tiana is the second princess to have a human best friend - Charolotte La Bouff. The first princess with a human best friend was Pocahontas who has her best friend Nakoma along for the ride.


Place of Worship

Tiana is the second heroine to stand in a holy place of worship in a Disney film. Esmerelda also stepped inside of a holy building. I also find it interesting to see how Evangeline is tied in throughout the story in a very religious tone.

“The Princess And The Frog” is a step for Disney in developing their films to the modern day and branching off when it comes to their story-lines. What are some other facts about the film? What did you find most interesting?

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