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There are so many fun facts from The Fault in Our Stars movie! It's become the number one movie in America - no surprise there! It made me laugh, cry (more like sob), and most importantly it made me love love. It's such a beautiful story, so I definitely recommend you read the book and watch the movie as soon as you possibly can! Check out some cool facts from The Fault in Our Stars movie.

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Famous Quotes Inspired by HEMINGWAY

One of the most famous quotes from the book/movie is definitely when Hazel admits her love for Gus. She says, "I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep... slowly, and then all at once." Beautiful, right?! John Green's credited Hemingway as his inspiration for that line! “There’s a similar-ish line from Hemingway: ‘How did you go bankrupt?’ ‘Two ways: Gradually, then suddenly.’ That was my initial inspiration for the line.” That line's definitely one of my absolute favorites. This is just one of many fun facts from The Fault in Our Stars movie!


John Green Was Supposed to Have a Cameo

If you've read the book, remember that scene where a little girl asks Hazel about her Oxygen tank? That scene was originally going to be in the movie and John Green was going to play that little girl's father! Unfortunately, the scene got cut to make the movie "flow" better. John still makes jokes about being cut from the movie adaptation of his own book!


John's Favorite Scenes

“The cancer support group days with all the teens living with cancer were the coolest days for me to see come to life," says John. "But really, every day was wonderful. It really was just a dream movie experience." I loved those scenes from the movie. I think it was such a great adaptation from the book. Plus, how awesome was it to see Gus and Hazel stand up in the 'literal heart of Jesus' and speak?


The Meaning behind Hazel's Name

We may not know these things while we're watching them, but there are so many symbolic meanings in every movie! “Hazel is an in-between color," says John, "and she’s in between a lot of things: In between healthy and sick, in between adulthood and childhood, in between breathing air and breathing water, etc. So that seemed like a small way of communicating the instability and fear (but also excitement) of that time of life.” Wow. Who knew there was so much thought put into her name?!


The Meaning behind Augustus' Name

John Green didn't just put thought into Hazel's name; he also thought about Augustus! “Augustus is the name of Roman emperors. It’s a grand name associated with traditional notions of greatness." For all of you who've read the book/watched the movie, then you know that Gus is definitely one to show notions of greatness! I actually really love his name and the meaning behind it.


Reasoning behind 'america's Next Top Model'

There's a scene in the movie where Hazel's mom asks if she's ready for the ANTM marathon. John say's he made Hazel a fan of the show to show that she's still just a regular kid. "People who are dying are not fundamentally other," he said. "They are still people. They still like all the same things that people like, including reality television programs.”


John Green's inclusion of America's Next Top Model as a pastime for Hazel also speaks to a larger theme of normalcy and relatability amid extraordinary circumstances. Even as Hazel grapples with her illness, Green ensures that she is given layers that any teenager—or person—can identify with. This poignant portrayal strips away the veneer of otherness that often shrouds characters in similar situations, allowing Hazel’s character to resonate with viewers on a more personal level. Her interest in ANTM becomes a subtle reminder of the universality of human experiences, regardless of the challenges we face.


Inspiration behind the Movie

The book was inspired a young girl that John knew! “I was good friends with a young woman named Esther Earl who died of cancer in 2010 when she was 16," he says. "I could never have written TFIOS without knowing and loving Esther."

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many awesome fun facts from The Fault in Our Stars. I've already watched it during its opening weekend but I can't wait to go watch it again! What was your favorite part about the movie? Of the list, which fact surprised you the most?

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FEELS!! the book us so great and the movie adaptation is just so awesome!

I just finished reading the book and it wad amazing. I was balling my eyes out after i read it. Probably one of the best books ive read

Wow! I love the fault in our stars I've read the book a looong time ago before the whole world was crazy about it and I just love it

as a nerdfighter I knew all of these :P

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