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With all the focus on the princesses, it’s time to look at some facts about the Disney princes. I find it interesting to see the role differences the princes have in films like “Cinderella” and “Aladdin.” It’s really interesting to me that the film is named after Aladdin, not Princess Jasmine. Check out these facts about Disney princes and you might learn something new!

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Aladdin Apart from the fact that this Disney prince had his film named after him, Aladdin is a pretty cool guy. He's a sly liar so that rules out him being perfect. In fact, the feather on his hat falls forward whenever he tells a lie. Clever! Another fun fact about this Disney prince is that Aladdin is modeled after Tom Cruise.


Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider Flynn Rider is the daredevil con who helps Rapunzel in Disney’s 2011 film “Tangled.” He’s a wanted man but the ironic thing is that he is destined to be king. By marrying Rapunzel at the end of the film, he’s officially married to a princess. His dream of having a great castle with a beautiful view comes true. Crazy, right?


The Beast

The Beast What animal is he exactly? Do you know? The Beast has the head of a buffalo, the eyebrows of a gorilla, body of a bear, jaws and mane of a lion, tusks of a boar, and legs and tail of a wolf. Whew! Man, that witch must have been pretty mad at how he treated her to turn him into that creature.



Phillip Princess Aurora’s dashing man Prince Phillip is the first Disney prince to have a name. But apart from his name, he’s got a way of making people do things they didn’t intend. He convinces his horse to go find the source of singing in the woods. He also managed to persuade his father into agreeing that he should marry who he loves rather than who he is betrothed to.



Naveen Prince Naveen from “The Princess And The Frog” is the first prince who has a sibling. Or at least, the only one we know of. Another fun fact is that there is a parallel between Princess Ariel and Prince Naveen. Both characters took offers from the films’ villains and were physically changed by the end of their songs.



Charming It’s time to get married! Prince Charming is the first Disney Prince to be featured in a wedding. And he even dances with his love interest after just meeting her. What’s more, he is the first prince to have a father alive during the story. The other two princes being Prince Phillip and Prince Naveen.



Eric Did you know that Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" is the first prince to be saved by his love interest? The second is Li Shang from “Mulan.” Eric does carry his own in some ways. He is the first prince to play a musical instrument and risk his life to save his dog Max. It’s interesting because Eric never takes the form of a merman throughout the three films, yet fans love to draw him with a blue tail.

I find these facts about Disney Princes interesting because they have played such a key role in my childhood. Heck, I still love Disney films to this day. Who is your favorite Disney prince? What are some other fun facts about the Disney princes?

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Sigh don't we all wish we had a charming? haha

Why is Eric two-timing with Belle?

Why is Prince Eric in the same picture with Belle?

In the little mermaid picture...that's Belle not Ariel haha that's funny..

Charming will always be number one in my book

I had one but distance did it's evil magic

Yeah good question. Why is Belle and prince Eric in the same picture?


Mulan is not a princess

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