7 Kids Cartoons That Adults Watch Too ...


Who would have thought that there are so many kids cartoons for adults out there?! I won’t lie; I have watched most of these shows on my own without any children present. Is that weird? Maybe, but who cares? There are a lot of kids cartoons that adults watch too, even without their kids around. So here are seven kids cartoons for adults to enjoy too.

1. Spongebob Squarepants

Who doesn’t love “Spongebob"?! Seriously, I know people in their 40s that enjoy watching Spongebob just as much as little kids do. It’s the kind of show that the whole family can enjoy watching together. This may seem like the most obvious choice on a list of kids cartoons for adults, but it’s a cartoon nonetheless and it’s interesting that so many adults love to watch it!

Gravity Falls
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