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With all the lessons from “Gilmore Girls” that I’ve learned over the years, I proudly consider myself the surrogate daughter of Ms. Lorelai Gilmore. I can remember growing up and watching episodes, enticed by the allure of the Lorelai-Rory relationship, the quick humor and myriad references. I owe my love of coffee and appreciation for good films to them. These are some of the lessons from “Gilmore Girls” that I’ve picked up over the years and hope you have too!

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We don’t choose our family. Sometimes they do things that seem unforgivable and other times it’s a series of events that build up over years, making it difficult to form a relationship. I watch Lorelai and her interactions with her parents. You can tell how hard it is for her in the beginning of the show to reach out to them and ask for money because there is so much damage in Lorelai’s background. But one lesson from “Gilmore Girls” I learned is that you can move past things that happen. Lorelai tries her best to fix her relationship with her parents and by the show’s end, she comes to terms with the fact that it will never be perfect. It is what it is and that’s okay.



I had a teacher in high school who talked about how cultured individuals make a strong impression. Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to have traveled the world to be cultured. One aspect I loved about the Gilmore girls is their endless references to movies and books and celebrities. There is something special about these girls that sticks with you: their spirits, their character. If this taught me anything, it’s to read more, watch movies, and soak up experiences in stride.



To have a friend is the best thing in the world, but to be one is even better. “Gilmore Girls” is filled with friendship. I want a friend like Sookie who will listen to me, lend me her car if I merely ask, and look out for my well-being. I want a Lorelai Gilmore who will help raise my kids like she does Lane and be a role model. And I want to be that person in someone else’s life.


Give It Your Best Try

No matter what you attempt in life, give it your all. When Lorelai and Sookie decide to open the inn together, Lorelai says, “I say if we go down after two years, it’ll be the most exciting two years of our lives.” I know it works out for them, but that inspires me. Lorelai chases her dream with no guarantee that she’ll get it. It makes me think that maybe I can try and if I give it my best, then there’s nothing more I could ask for.


All You Have to do

“All you have to do is call my name and I’ll be there on the next train.” This part of the theme song has always caught my interest. Through thick and thin, Lorelai and Rory are in it together. I try to live with that motto in my life. The other day my friend called and said she really needed a ride to school because she didn’t have any other way so I pulled myself out of bed and went over to help because I could. Sure, that isn’t a severe situation but it shows her I care and am here for her.



The fact that the Gilmore girls are addicted to coffee is no secret. Recently I’ve gotten into meeting up with friends for coffee, just to catch up. I always like the regularity of the Gilmore girls getting coffee at Luke’s. I admire how Lorelai and Rory take the time to chat over coffee despite the busy week they may have had. So why not get together with some of your friends for coffee this week?


Be a Regular

Luke’s Diner is a staple in the Gilmore girls’ world. If there is one thing I learned, it’s the pleasure of being a regular. I used to work around the corner from a pizza shop that I went to often after work. It was nice to stop in to a place where they knew me by name and would heat up a slice without me even asking. It’s not Luke’s for sure, but still, it makes me smile to know that the employees at this small, Italian food place know who I am. I can see their eyes light up when I come in and that makes me happy.

Once you become a Gilmore girl, there is no turning back. I know I’ve learned a thing of two about life from watching this show and it’s made me a better person. And what’s more, I love to sit down and share this world with loved ones in my life. What’s the most memorable part of “Gilmore Girls” for you? Do you have a favorite episode?

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Love this ❤️.. Something that everyone can relate to! Always makes you happy!

I absolutely love Gilmore girls! My coffee addiction stems from this show for sure!

@Pameka, love this

Man, I really need to watch this show. I've never heard of anyone who didn't like it. Just like Veronica Mars. And my husband likes Alexis Bledel, so he'll probly watch it with me :)

My daughter and I used to watch all the Gilmore Girls episodes together. Great bonding time. Loved the movie character references.

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