8 Things I've Learned from Gossip Girl ...


8 Things I've Learned from Gossip Girl ...
8 Things I've Learned from Gossip Girl ...

Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows. It may actually be one of my favorite shows since the original Beverly Hills 90210. You know something has to be good to live up to Kelly, Donna, Brandon, and Dylan! There is just something about the scandalous tales of the Upper East Side that keeps me tuned in to Gossip Girl every week. I can't resist its appeal! Plus, to be honest, it has many valuable life lessons to teach. Here are 8 things I’ve learned from Gossip Girl.

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Don’t Forget Your Cell Phone

Don’t Forget Your Cell Phone Without your cell phone, you would be cut off from the entire world. You wouldn’t know the latest scandal or gossip in the Gossip Girl world. Your cell phone is your most important possession. Keep it with you at all times.


Lying is Good

Lying is Good I don’t think there is one character on the show that hasn’t told a lie. Lying is obviously very socially acceptable. Lie through your pretty pearly whites and the world will love you for it -- whether you get away with it or not!


Scheming is Best with Your Worst Enemy

Scheming is Best with Your Worst Enemy If you ever need to come up with a plan to set your best friend up, ask your worst enemy for help. For whatever reason, your enemies love causing drama that will benefit you in the end. I don’t get it, but it works in their world.


Girls Must Talk Fast

Girls Must Talk Fast Maybe it’s because they have to fit all that information into less than one hour on television, but the girls of Gossip Girl talk incredibly fast. It can only mean that as women, we must all talk really fast. It doesn’t matter if you are happy, sad, or angry, just talk fast.


Guys Need to Whisper

Guys Need to Whisper If you are guy, you should only talk in a low husky whisper. It’s almost as if the men of the show are trying to make up for the fast talking girls. All I know is it’s super sexy and I like it, even if I have no idea what was just said.


Break up and Make up

Break up and Make up I’ve always lived by the rule that an ex is an ex for a reason. However, in the land of Gossip Girl, ex-boyfriends are the people you go running back to for hot make up sex a few weeks later. Perhaps they are on to something here.


Always Look Good

Always Look Good Even when these people are sick or on their death beds, they look fabulous. I’m not sure how they do it. Obviously, they have some sort of magic powers that make them look good all the time.


Limos Travel Fast

If you ever need to get from Manhattan to Brooklyn in less than 5 minutes take a limo. Limos in New York must have secret roads only the rich can travel on.

As you can plainly see, Gossip Girl is full of rich, helpful information that will make the world a better place. Do you love Gossip Girl as much as me? If you do, tell me what valuable lessons you have learned that needed to be added to the list of 8 things I’ve learned from Gossip Girl.

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I love Gossip Girl! Don't forget about the bow headbands!

Totally agree about girls talking so fast and boys whispering.

Very Nice!

I've learned that, it's okay to be a bitch sometimes.

8 Things I've Learned from Gossip Girl ...@hkuecker (via Twitter)

8 Things I’ve Learned from Gossip Girl … (via Twitter)

Haha this was worth reading :p ill take those advice under consideration !

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